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Zales launches official Wonder Woman jewelry collection – JCK

Zales pays homage to the best lasso wrestler in the superhero universe, with a new collection of exquisite jewelry inspired by iconic Wonder Woman outfit and accessories.

The Zales Wonder Woman 1984 collection, already available in stores and online, is the official gem of the second Wonder Woman film, Wonder Woman 1984, star Gal Gadot like the superhero. Zales, which is owned by Signet Jewelers, exclusively sells the collection in their store and through their website.

Wonder Woman 1984 is slated for release on August 12, although COVID-19 infection rates will necessarily dictate whether the film will be shown in physical theaters. This year’s Comic-Con festival, the zero point for superhero film and television debuts and reunions, will go virtual next week, instead of a live event.

Fortunately, Wonder Woman’s appeal doesn’t lie in pop culture fireworks. Like Barbie and Barbra Streisand, the beloved superhero is an enduring icon with a rock solid fan base.

The Zales collection will likely appeal to cosplayers and nostalgic TV fans alike, as Wonder Woman’s uniform and lasso inform many models. Its unique tiara shape (more like Linda Carter from TV than Gal Gadot) is featured in rings and pendants. Its powerful “Lasso of Truth” forms a coiled 10k yellow gold ring and adds wired charm to a pair of 10k gold hoops.

Then there is the famous WW logo, which appears in the collection via metal and gemstones: a 10k gold necklace anchors a 1/8 ct pavé retro writing WW pendant. two diamonds ($ 499.99). The same winged Ws logo is miniaturized to make 10k yellow gold studs paved with diamonds ($ 399.99).

Less understated (did I just call the understated Wonder Woman diamond earrings ??) is a ring and pendant with the logo forged in red garnets and navy blue sapphires – red, white and blue ! – priced at $ 299.99 and $ 399.99, respectively.

Unfortunately, none of the jewelry is imbued with the powerful superpowers of Wonder Woman. But each is powerfully fun.

See some notable styles below and view the entire collection here.

Wonder Woman Necklace
Diamond Symbol Necklace Wonder Woman Collection in 10k Yellow Gold with Diamonds, $ 499.99
Zales Wonder Woman lasso ring
Lasso Wrap ring in 10k yellow gold, $ 499.99
Zales Wonder Woman Ring
Symbol ring with garnets and blue sapphires in sterling silver and 10k yellow gold, $ 299.99

Above: Wonder Woman Collection Diamond Lasso Circle Pendant with Themed Charms with 1/8 ct. two diamonds in sterling silver and 10k yellow gold, $ 549.99 (all photos courtesy of Zales)

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