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Healing crystals aren’t just home decor accents (e.g. agate coasters) or #inspo Instagram nail art. Instead, to truly enlist their powers anywhere, anytime, try wearing metaphysical minerals or gems in the form of really pretty jewelry. (If you need Crystal 101, check out this guide that matches the stones with your zodiac sign.) Not only does this save you from carrying the special stones with you in a pouch (or your bra), but it also gives your style a numinous touch for an effortlessly cool yet totally vibrant look.

Likewise, wearing healing crystals against or near the chakra that it can activate can amplify their energies, making them even more powerful, according to some woo-woo gurus. For example, a rose quartz necklace that rests against your breastbone can help strengthen and heal the heart chakra.

But, of course, you can wear your favorite stones anywhere. Like right now, I have an arm party full of jade, citrine, clear quartz, amethyst, moonstone, and rose quartz as each of them are my personal healing crystals. Browse through these amazing designers to find pieces that harmonize with your wallet and chakras.

Below, 7 Healing Crystal Jewelry Stores to Find Your Favorite High Vibrating Pieces.

Based in Los Angeles, designer Jemma Sands offers her eponymous jewelry store a variety of beaded bracelets and evil eye talismans, as well as beads and stones ranging from wood to diamonds with pieces that are both delicate and full of character. Sands also mixes their own oils and candles in their “Alchemy” e-tail corner and creates organized boxes (much like the ones in the subscription). Each includes a large piece of universally healing clear quartz, white howlite mala beads to aid in meditation, a choice crystal bracelet (currently Sands offers iterations of rose quartz, amazonite, and moonstone ) and a complimentary travel candle that is scented with alignment oils.

Designed with the underlying principle of empowerment, everything from jewelers Alex and Ani aims to share wisdom and positive energy, and many purchases also have another layer of well-being in the form of gifts from charity. What’s especially great about the branding, however, is that the meaning of each piece is carefully explained with an accompanying explanatory insert which just happens to be quite nice pinned to your vision board.

Think of this boutique as the unofficial Costco of online healing crystal jewelry stores. The site features hundreds of pieces for women and men, as well as a variety of common and rare stones (rough and rolled), as well as a selection of brilliant stones handpicked by the owners of the famous and recent Tucson Gem Show. . The knowledgeable duo behind the e-trader, Heather Askinoise and Timmi Jandro, also recently wrote a book, Crystal muse, full of rituals, explanations, smudging tips and bath recipes, it also happens to be a beautiful decoration in a house with high atmosphere.

Passionate about meditation and collector of healing crystals, Michielan offers a variety of pieces, including more unusual finds like anklets and belts, as well as meditation malas, rings, bead bracelets, pendants, and more. . You can buy by one or all of the seven chakras (which is especially beneficial if you think some are stuck), and although the prices are a bit steep, everything is blessed and handcrafted by Michielan herself, you So know there has been some serious TLC behind the scenes.

Fine jewelry collectors and celebrities have become obsessed with the spiritually inspired pieces of Jacquie Aiche, with a dedicated “JA Tribe” section on site featuring Blake Lively, Selena Gomez and yes even Kylie Jenner wearing her designs. . Expensive coins are edgy but cool. Think: diamond belly chains, single eye earrings or a sapphire encrusted Hamsa hand, and amulets transcending religion (a small trinket meant to offer protection to the beholder) in his BlessLev collection, which comes with a gratitude list for the owner to keep on hand.

Although the online store of Audrey Kitching, a wellness “it girl”, has a plethora of metaphysical offerings, including a plethora of smudge sticks, tarot card decks, and flower essences, her handmade jewelry is arguably the most irresistible of all. All of her pieces are unique, as no two stones are the same, and each has a unique house quality that will leave everyone wondering where you got that pink agate Aphrodite necklace or that bad vibe banishing style made less common rainbow tourmaline.

While this trendy jewelry line is best known for its thin, delicate stacks and layers of necklaces, rings and bracelets, its Power Gemstone collection is perfect for channeling your inner goddess. According to the brand, “Each piece of gemstone represents that deeper meaning, that deeper part of yourself, whether it’s a struggle you’re going through or a goal you have, it’s the extra boost you have. need to get through your day. . “The prices are affordable, with individual items typically costing less than $ 100.

Don’t even know where to start with healing crystals? Try one of these woo-woo subscription boxes or learn how to clean the energy of your home with them.

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