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Watch Latto show off some of her jewelry collection and reveal how much she spent on pieces


Latto shows his fans what it’s like to hit the jackpot.

the 777 the rapper caught up QG to show off some of her finest and most expensive jewelry. Latto, who applauded those who criticized his most recent hits with 777 and “Big Energy” – showcased some of its rings, bracelets, watches and chains. During the show-and-tell, Latto revealed his most expensive piece was a $120,000 Icebox chain with “777” in a lottery machine.

“Seven is my lucky number, it’s God’s number. Triple is just unbeatable. I’m the child of God, we don’t play that, so ‘777’ here. It became part of my brand when I changed my name. For me, it’s like hitting a jackpot in life, period, not just financially. This chain is heavy, no stopper. I’m afraid to play with it. This pendant would knock out a tooth, chip a tooth or something,” she said. “These veneers are pearly white, they also cost a pretty penny, so we’re not trying to chip them.”

Outside of the main attraction, which she purchased in February 2021, Latto took fans on as she explained her other jewelry, including the first chain she bought at age 18 for $15,000, her first Rolex at $12,000, another $42,000 watch and $100,000 worth of bracelets. Latto’s $42,000 watch was an “AP [Audemars Piguet] personalized with pink Arabic numerals,” which she purchased when she first signed to RCA Records.

“I wear it in music videos, like you all saw in ‘Muwop’. [It] makes cameos from time to time, but it’s definitely not a daily [watch].”

At the end of her jewelry guide, Latto offered some tips for artists looking to start their own collections. As she explained, artists shouldn’t “waste your money or you become like me a few years later and you’re like, ‘I just had all this shit, I’m not even wearing it.'”

“Don’t let all this hype and trends leave you broke,” Latto explained. “I got the money to spend on this shit. Don’t go broke trying to impress people who don’t matter.

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