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Valérie Messika’s luxury diamond jewelry collection shines during Paris Fashion Week


The daughter of the famous diamond dealer André Messika, Valérie Messika Valérie launched her own high jewelry brand in 2005 in Paris, specializing in white diamonds set in modern and fluid designs, marrying the worlds of high jewelry and fashion.

Expect the unexpected. For the jeweler Valérie Messika, it is a beacon that guides her eponymous jewelry creations. On Thursday night in Paris, the French jewelry designer unveiled her second show during Paris Fashion Week with a spectacular new Messika collection that takes inspiration from ancient Egypt. The star-studded event demonstrated the disruptive nature of the Parisian fine jewelry brand, according to Only natural diamonds.


“My goal is to continue to make fine jewelry more desirable,” she says, pausing to confirm her choice of English words, “because when I launched my brand, I wanted to make diamond jewelry feminine. , sexy and something that leaves a feeling of power, something that I felt sacrificed in traditional jewelry.His experiences on the catwalk are meant to show that high jewelry is also a fashion, something to wear everyday, like a favorite jacket or pants.

This latest installment in the high jewelry collection, “Beyond the Light”, is of higher value with larger diamonds than the one presented on the catwalk last year. Yet the designer eschews the trope of expensive dramatic jewelry that doesn’t leave the safe. “I want to reduce the distance between the design and the possibility of wearing it,” she explained.

Messika High Jewelry Show: Strength, glamor and jewelry invade Paris Fashion Week - 스페셜타임스

To that end, she demonstrated how easy it is to wear diamonds every day by pairing the high jewelry pieces with 29 Adidas sportswear looks. Models such as Taylor Hill, Toni Garrn and Cindy Bruna in cheeky shorts, swimwear paired with white tie-waist shirts and cropped tops worn with sweatpants, were created by former editor Geraldine Saglio. leader for VOGUEParis.

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“I took the risk of continuing to move forward with an unexpected style of clothing to make a different proposal to wear diamonds,” she said. It was a way of interpreting ancient culture as if it existed today, but not literally. “That period of history was modern like today’s society. Women were equal to men; they could divorce and get property and jobs. They embodied power and strength as seen in Cleopatra,” she continued, drawing a parallel between the voices of women in society.

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These modern Egyptians eschewed clichés such as kohl-rimmed eyes walking among pyramids with protruding hands. Instead, Messika chose a raw, industrial-looking space devoid of gilding, tapestries and marble as another way to shake up the standards of fine jewelry.

Messika Brings Diamonds to the Paris Fashion Week Catwalk

The 150 pieces displayed at the show – which required 45 guards backstage – included large breastplates, mouth jewelry and pieces that move and transform, sharing similarities with Egyptian ornaments. For example, colossal gold necklaces, which the jeweler said signified spirituality and were worn when buried. Certainly not Egyptian, Messika recruited a fashion queen to parade in the piece de resistance, the Akh-Ba-Ka necklace worn by Naomi Campbell. She majestically wore the wing-patterned natural diamond necklace containing 2,550 gemstones, the primary diamonds of which were cut from the same 110-carat natural rough diamond. In total, the necklace weighs 71.49 carats. This one-of-a-kind piece demonstrates the quality and expertise of the natural stones sought after by the clients of the Parisian jewelry house.

Another special guest was male model Alton Mason who walked the runway. “I couldn’t have Cleopatra without Pharaoh. There is a huge jewelry trend for men that will be even bigger next year. I want to show that I will have a voice in this area,” Messika said. The men in her life have already pioneered these looks; her father, husband and brother all wear diamond Messika bracelets in various combinations.

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Front-row guests, including Gigi Hadid, formerly the head of a Messika campaign, Emily Ratajkowski, Carla Bruni, Elsa Hosk, Derek Blasberg and Nina Dobrev, among others, enjoyed seeing the jewelry up close on the models as well. only on the big screen. which simultaneously projected close-ups of the jewelry. Seating policy for fashion shows is something the artistic director said she learned from the first show. “This year we are approaching it more as a military operation with more people to attend.”

The show was undoubtedly unexpected for Dobrev – on a short break from an undisclosed acting project in New York to attend the event – ​​who spoke to Only Natural Diamonds at the after-party cocktail party. spectacle.

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“It was fresh, innovative, different and unique. I loved the juxtaposition of athleisure clothing with high jewelry. I had never seen this before and enjoyed the new approach to wearing jewelry” , she shared, adding, “That’s how I see Messika jewelry in many ways. For example, the diamonds are classic, but she finds a way to make it bold, cool and useful.”

And where does Dobrev wear natural diamonds? “At the gym, of course,” she joked. “Seriously, I wear smaller diamonds day to day, but statement diamonds feel more important to wear for dressy occasions like tonight,” she added, pointing out the pear-shaped diamond necklace with an inverted setting in the shape of Messika’s claw that she wore.

Earlier today, Messika revealed how she overcame her pre-show nervousness. “I’m not a confident person,” she admitted, adding, “I was worried until a few days ago about how the jewelry and the clothes were going to match. But then I said to myself that if a brand could afford to go in this delicate direction, it would be Messika. She explained how after having the fittings the day before, she saw everything follow one another. “I had a nightcap with my dad and said, ‘We fit in as a brand; I am confident where we are.

Messika looked thrilled and confident at the after-party as she posed for photos with guests and danced to the sounds of Diplo decked out in head-to-toe Alaïa. Her only wish for something different? “I wish I could transport everyone to Egypt and have a show under the stars outdoors at night, near the Sphinx.”

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