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Brian Park, Co-Founder and CEO of Trove, says his online consumer 3D printing and personalization platform was designed for the average user, and his company has just come from released their launch page as a precursor to a deployment and alpha product in the summer of 2015. Park says that Trove aims to move towards “democratizing design by allowing users to personalize and 3D print their own personalized jewelry – no equipment or design experience required.”

Trove was founded in 2014 by Brian Park, Andrew Hong, and Tim Growney, and the company is based in New York City. The team says that after working with 3D printing in a variety of capacities, they realized that the consumer-oriented 3D printing resources in the market were, for the most part, aimed at serving the technical communities made up of engineers, designers and manufacturers. .

discover-ipadTrove makes 3D printing and design accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience or ability. It is an online platform for discovering, sharing and personalizing 3D printed jewelry designs where users can browse a variety of design templates and an intuitive in-browser personalization process to personalize their jewelry.

Once the design is completed, the client’s jewelry can be 3D printed in materials ranging from stainless steel to 18k gold. The finished parts are then shipped directly within a few weeks.

An interesting feature of the system is that any design created on Trove will become a part of the Trove social feed which allows users to explore and discover designs personalized by others. Designs can be further personalized, and Park expects these designs to “grow and change over time.”

“Our goal is to make designing and creating beautiful things accessible to everyone,” Park told “We believe that the diversity of people should be reflected in the diversity of design and that everyone should be able to create unique objects that fit into their life. Starting with jewelry, we want to see products designed as diverse as the people who use them.

bracelets_webPark was previously a product manager at Zynga and attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Design director and co-founder of Trove, Andrew Hong, has worked in scientific nonprofit organizations and taught digital design and design thinking at the MIT Museum after attending Pomona College where he studied neuroscience.

Tim Growney, CTO and other co-founder of Trove, studied Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Chemistry at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and was a Senior Developer at Gallup.

You can subscribe to get notified when Trove goes live here, and the company says early registrations can refer friends for up to $ 75 worth of 3D printed sterling silver jewelry. Once the site is officially launched, Trove will email you a unique promotional code that can be used at checkout to claim the jewelry earned through the referral program.

What do you think of Trove? Do you like the idea of ​​designs being added to Trove’s “social feed” and available for other users to edit and print? Let us know in the Trove Design and share jewelry thread on


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