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Tim Da Jeweler is fast becoming the best jewelry design company in the Bay Area


SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 26, 2021 / The San Francisco Bay Area luster now shines a little brighter as local jewelry designer firm Tim Da Jeweler continues to dazzle jewelry lovers and lovers across the city. After opening a physical store for dates, the lines have piled up as hundreds of people hope to feel the luxury and style offered by the Tim Da Jeweler brand.

Jewelry has many benefits. As well as being a worthy investment with appreciable value, it is also a symbol of status, identity and style. Even as the worlds of streetwear, hip-hop and fashion continue to advance the image attached to jewelry, people are turning to jewelers to enhance their looks. In the Bay Area and other neighboring areas of California, people mention one brand in all social circles: Tim Da Jeweler.

The jewelry design company has become one of the most demanded jewelry brands today. Tim, the founder and chief designer of Tim Da Jeweler, started his career as an insurance agent. But even as he climbed the corporate ladder, he had an undeniable passion for jewelry and unmatched creativity. Today, the company exudes a sheen that’s hard to ignore.

While Tim Da Jeweler is in a great position today, getting there hasn’t been that easy. It took a lot of work and patience. From its humble beginnings as a side business to make money, the jewelry design company now serves many clients from all parts of the country and even the world. The company’s popularity stems mainly from its commitment to producing quality and timeless designs. Tim Da Jeweler’s goal is to make his customers look and feel amazing, and chief designer and store owner Timothy Long does everything he can to make every piece a masterpiece in the world. epic proportions.

Amid shoppers’ lack of confidence in these difficult times following the COVID-19 pandemic, Tim Da Jeweler made the bold decision to open a physical store for viewing. To maintain a personalized luxury experience and comply with social distancing laws and practices, Tim Da Jeweler’s viewing location is by appointment only. People flocked to the company’s website to make appointments even with its strict rules, leaving the most immediate schedules full.

Prior to the birth of Tim Da Jeweler, Timothy primarily focused on retail. He opened his first business called TSV Jewelers, an online store offering jewelry as a retailer to people across the country. After being very successful, the company began to design its original pieces. Custom releases would take like wildfire, prompting the company to change direction and focus on developing and selling custom parts.

Tim Da Jeweler hopes to create more designs that will showcase his signature luxury clothing brand. The company hopes to become an official designer to the stars and serve some of the country’s top personalities, celebrities, musicians and influencers.

Learn more about Tim Da Jeweler by visiting his website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

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