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The FoundRae Pair of Pears jewelry collection is a lesson in love

A conversation with Beth Hutchens, the jewelry designer behind FoundRae, always turns to love. After all, love is at the heart of her cult jewelry brand. Love is why celebrities like Ben Affleck come to Hutchens for advice on what romantic jewelry to buy for his wife Jennifer Lopez on her birthday. And Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her self-esteem with FoundRae’s gold heart locket.

Hutchens has found another love. These are natural diamonds. For the first time, the brand’s artistic director emphasizes larger diamonds in her new Pair of pears collection.

FoundRae Forever & Always a Pair 0.7ct Love Diamond Ring

And why not? Diamonds are the jewel most recognized as a representation of love.

The Pair of pears the collection is a metaphor for pairs of people. Not just couples, but love in friendship, mothers and daughters, sisters, sons and fathers, and any meaningful relationship – including self-love. It includes one-of-a-kind pear-shaped diamond pendants and rings that you can buy in matching pairs or individually.

It’s already Hutchens’ centerpiece: she’s wearing a 3-carat pear-shaped diamond pendant necklace, a piece of jewelry she never separates from. And she gifted her best friend two pear-shaped diamond pendants, each engraved on the gold bezel setting with their initials, hanging from the same handmade chain – side by side.

diamond jewelry foundrae pair of pears

Sitting in FoundRae’s studio in downtown New York, Hutchens talks excitedly about her newfound expression of love and her first foray into big diamond jewelry.

“I was thinking about love and the idea that we basically give people pieces of our hearts, and they give pieces of their hearts back to us, and that’s why we have whole hearts,” says Hutchens. .

It is his continual exploration of love and self-discovery that drives all of his creations, including this latest concept: “We have many pairs – or people – who give us the seven types of love from mythology. Greek (Eros, Philia, Storage, Agape, Ludus, Pragma, and Philautia). You cannot get all seven types from one person. That would be a one-dimensional life.

Still, Hutchens reminds me that jewelry doesn’t help you find completeness or love, but it’s meant to be a (and bubbly) reminder to stay connected to those you love and stay on your path to finding yourself. self and self-awareness.

It’s a lot of thought and symbolism wrapped in gold and diamonds, but it’s feel-good jewelry. And it works. FoundRae fans are growing. Hutchens launched the New York-based brand seven years ago with gold pendants engraved with symbols of love, astrology, good luck, personalized initials, nurturing words and more. They quickly became the status talisman among celebrities and beyond.

“The diamond is pure, the way it formed under pressure deep within the earth. I think there is a spirit.

Beth Hutchins

diamond jewelry foundrae pair of pears

As with everything Hutchens creates for FoundRae jewelry, diamonds offer good karma. “The origin of the name of the diamond is the Greek word Adamas, which means invincible,” she explains. “The diamond is pure, the way it formed under pressure deep within the earth. I think there is a spirit.

More than symbolism, the new pieces are a sophisticated and chic take on simple diamond designs. The pear-shaped stones (it’s her favorite shape) are set in chunky gold bezels that she says make them appear “effortless and less precious.” Diamond rings are sold with pairs of stones ranging in size from 0.75 carats to 4 carats. Pendants can be purchased individually or in pairs ranging from 0.35 carats to 2 carats.

She also pairs white diamonds with richly colored rubies, emeralds and sapphires side by side in rings and separately as pendants. She loves the way the colored gems emphasize the purity of the white diamonds. But how you style your pears — or split your pairs — is personal.

diamond jewelry foundrae pair of pears

“I hope these symbols will help people think more deeply about the importance of pairs (or people) in their lives, and they will want to give them a meaningful piece to represent it.” It all comes down to love and diamonds, and everyone can agree that they go well together.

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