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Stars celebrate the Chanel 1932 high jewelry collection in Los Angeles – WWD


Chanel brought the sun, the moon and a whole host of stars to Los Angeles on Thursday night.

The brand organized a complete experience in the Studios du Lot to celebrate the new celestial high jewelry inspired by Coco Chanel’s revolutionary 1932 “Bijoux de Diamants” collection.

Indeed, it was like walking through space as you entered the dark rooms, designed to mimic Chanel’s apartment with Parisian street signs, a game of hopscotch, bistro tables and photos of Coco hovering in the air. case tops filled with sparkling diamonds.

The muse of the house, Marion Cotillard, wore the collection’s “Comète” brooch, bracelet and ring, which she twirled around her finger, explaining how she set intentions for each jewel, by attaching a feeling to remember.

The actress was excited to talk about her next big movie, “Lee,” starring Kate Winslet as model-turned-photojournalist Lee Miller, who documented the atrocities of World War II for Vogue. Cotillard plays French Vogue editor Solange D’Ayen.

Marion Cotillard and Chloe Zhao

Michael Buckner/WWD

“All the clothes were vintage and so beautiful,” she said of Michael O’Connor’s costume work. “Kate Winslet has been on this project for six years and she’s brought together passionate people and is passionate about Lee, who was such an amazing woman.”

Cotillard will be spending a lot more time in LA now that she’s purchased a 1930s house in Los Feliz. “I fell in love 10 years ago and knew one day this would be my place,” she said of her recent purchase.

Greta Lee, a Los Angeles native of “Russian Doll” and “The Morning Show,” also recently moved from New York to return to her hometown. “I keep looking for the subway,” she joked.

Lee has been working hard to bring Cathy Park Hong’s book “Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning” to the screen, and said there will be official news about the project soon. “We want to take our time to make sure we do him justice,” she explained, before greeting the host of the evening. “The women in my family are great Chanel-ers!”

Ciara Bravo and Rainey Qualley

Ciara Bravo and Rainey Qualley

Michael Buckner/WWD

Maggie Rogers arrived in a Chanel jersey top and leggings.

“To be able to wear that snakeskin catsuit and feel so dignified is only something that could happen at Chanel,” she said of her “Comete” look and jewelry. “I have always looked to the stars for the feeling of something bigger than us. In creativity, you always seek to connect with the sense of potential. And when I look at the stars, I feel the potential”, added the singer and Harvard Divinity School graduate, who has just unveiled her “Feral Joy Tour”.

Among the many rooms used for the evening’s set was a ‘planetarium’, surrounded by jewelery boxes displaying the 77 pieces of the jewelery collection, including the magnificent Allure Céleste necklace, with an oval-cut sapphire totaling 55 .55 carats.

The pieces pay homage to Chanel’s vision of being the first to create a high jewelry collection, explained Patrice Leguéreau, director of the Chanel Haute Joaillerie design studio.

“She wasn’t welcome because this world was run by men,” he said of the first-of-its-kind collection, as opposed to the stones and custom pieces approach to jewelry. jewelry, adding that Chanel originals were supposed to travel but not because of the outbreak of war. “I kept the spirit and the style, the flexibility and the energy,” he said of the redesigned pieces, many of which are transformable. (The shopping was already underway, and Chanel was to re-enact the Friday night event for customers.)

Chanel 1932 Haute Joaillerie Allure Céleste necklace in white gold, diamonds and sapphire.

Chanel’s relationship with Hollywood dates back to 1931, when the designer was invited by Samuel Goldwyn to design costumes for his United Artists studio. She crafted three movies, then left town without saying anything positive about the experience.

Nonetheless, the brand’s appeal remained, even with the youngest stars attending Thursday’s event holding onto their Chanel memorabilia.

“The first memory is my grandmother wearing Chanel n°5 and the second is my wonderful father [French film composer Alexandre Desplat] did the music for ‘Coco Before Chanel,’ so I was exposed to the movie in 2009,” said Antonia Desplat, who stars in ‘Shantaram’ on Apple TV. “Seeing how Gabrielle threw off the corset and allowed women to wear easier clothes was very inspiring for my adolescence.”

The crowd mingled with the jewellery, sipping champagne and vespers before heading to the glittering dining room.

“Who knew baby’s breath could be so chic?” costume designer Arianne Phillips said of the cloud-like flower arrangements hovering overhead.

Jurnee Smollet

Jurnee Smollet

Michael Buckner/WWD

The evening ended with a performance by Yeah Yeah Yeahs under a cut-out crescent moon.

“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Chanel’s fine jewelry collection than by featuring a punk rock band,” said Phoebe Bridgers, welcoming her friends on stage.

Karen O led her group with a high spirit, while Rogers, for her part, barely contained herself in her seat.

Finally, when she dedicated a song to Bridgers and “other rockers,” the dance broke out.

“Raise your hand if you like diamonds!” Karen O screamed as Rogers, Kaitlyn Dever and others stood up and began a high class moshing.

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