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Star Wars and Pandora team up with a stunning collection of jewelry


As the popularity of Star Wars The Mandalorian The Disney Plus series is growing, as are the merchandise around it, especially in the form of breathtaking jewelry. Pandora has long been known for its jewelry collections, allowing people to share their hobbies and interests.

Recently, three new pieces have been added to the Star Wars x Pandora collection, inspired by The Mandalorian.

However, these limited edition pieces will only be available until November 21, 2021 or while supplies last! The three new pieces are the Pandora Moments Star Wars ™ Limited Edition Double Clasp Black Leather Bracelet, the Star Wars ™ Limited Edition Grogu ™ Charm and the Star Wars ™ Limited Edition The Mandalorian ™ Helmet Charm.

The ruthenium-plated charms cost $ 65 each and the bracelet costs $ 75. You can buy all three for $ 179.00. The three-piece gift set comes in a collector’s box, perfect for storage and display!

Limited Edition Star Wars ™ Charm Grogu ™. Photo courtesy of Pandora

The Mandalorian helmet is unmistakable, as is Grogu standing up and stretching his tiny hand outward to use the Force.

If you think this jewelry is right for you or someone you know, don’t hesitate! Wear the exciting and heartwarming moments of The Mandalorian wherever you go in comfort and subtlety!

Before making your purchase, check out the others Star wars jewelry, including the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Dangle charm, the Star Wars Death Star Clip Charm and the Star Wars ™ Droid Charm Trio.

Check out other Pandora collections, including Harry Potter and Disney. What future jewelry would you like to see added to the Star Wars x Pandora collection?

What do you think of the Star Wars x Pandora collection? Comment your answers below, I’d love to read them!

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