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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT – For Shane Oaks, the fine jewelry business will never overshadow the personal stories behind it.

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Ten years ago, Oaks and his wife, Tricia, moved their family of seven from Vernal to St. George and took their family business with them. Since then, Seven Oaks Fine Jewelers and the Oaks family have been adopted by the community. To say thank you and celebrate the evolution of Seven Oaks, they are hosting an open house Thursday at their new store on Bluff Street.

“The people here have been really good to us, and we really appreciate that,” said Shane Oaks. “We hope what we’re doing now is a little way to give something back to the people who have supported us so much.”

Much like their family of seven, the jewelry store has grown and changed over the years. More recently, Seven Oaks moved from the Red Cliffs shopping center to a new boutique with a new logo and evolved from a mostly walk-in jewelry store to an appointment-only service offering.

“Everyone who meets us deserves our full attention. We feel like we’ve always been good at it, but we wanted the experience to be truly individual, ”Oaks said.

Personalized jewelry is the story they tell

Oaks believes that fine jewelry, especially when personalized, is about celebrating a milestone or creating a memory.

“When we create a room for someone, it always comes with a story,” he said. “Sometimes it’s purely a love story, and other times it’s a personal journey or marking 30 years of ups and downs together. We love what we do because we hear so many stories. , and they are all so unique.

To do these stories justice, Seven Oaks is now asking customers to make an appointment before they come. Whether it’s for an engagement ring consultation, jewelry repair, free cleaning or watch battery replacement, appointments are made online.

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“When you walk into the street, you may find that the right person is not there to help you, or wait to speak to someone who is also trying to help two other people,” Oaks said. “When you make an appointment, we know you are coming and what you need before you arrive. This time is yours, and we can make it count.

For Oaks, whatever the reason for the meeting, the evolution of its business model creates a particular experience that corresponds to the meaning of the purchase. This is also why the store is now known as the Seven Oaks Custom Diamond Boutique.

“Whatever someone’s story is, we want to honor it in the right way, and that can only be done on a personal level,” he said. “People are often amazed at what is possible and how we design things that capture what they are feeling. No one else has lived their life, so no one else will walk around with the same gem. It’s an amazing feeling to create this for someone.

Open day visit Thursday

The public is invited to a open day between noon and 8 pm Thursday at the Seven Oaks Custom Diamond Boutique, located at 555 S. Bluff Street, Suite 303, St. George. This time was set aside for people to see their new boutique, enjoy some light refreshments, and learn more about their appointment model and custom design.



  • Seven Oaks Jewelers | Address: 555 S. Bluff Street, Suite 303, St. George | Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm | Telephone: 435-319-6892 | Website.

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