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Serge DeNimes launches his new Jubilee jewelry collection

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, but more importantly, another four-day weekend in the UK, Serge DeNimes is expanding his jewelry portfolio with the aptly named Jubilee collection.

Whatever your opinion of the British monarchy (okay, that doesn’t have to be positive), we’re never, ever going to complain about a four-day bank holiday weekend. As well as what we are used to, we Brits absolutely relish it. Sun, no work, cold? Afterplease.

As a brand of British origin, it is fitting that Serge DeNimes of Oliver Proudlock mark the occasion with a new version, as rich in cultural references as the big day itself.

A fitting decision, as Proudlock says: “Throughout history, jewelery has always played a very special role in the monarchy, and so we thought it was only fitting to celebrate the incredible reign of Her Majesty with our own collection.”

Of course, the weekend should be enjoyed no matter where you stand on the line of the monarchy’s place in the nation.

“Choosing a new ring or piece of jewelry for a special occasion is still important today, so if you want to remember the year 2022, how you marked the extra holiday or celebrated the Jubilee, there is a piece of this new collection that will encapsulate those memories,” Proudlock continued.

As you would expect, the collection places a heavy emphasis on the traditional symbolism of royalty and royalty, as well as the hallmark of the Jubilee.

Building on established designs in the 2019 Monarchy collection, the range includes over 30 items in 925 sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver, across rings, necklaces, bracelets, a bangle and earrings. ears.

Key pieces include a silver diamond jubilee ring, a gold plated silver sovereign ring, a silver sovereign ring, a bullion pendant necklace and a gold tennis bracelet.

You can get in ahead of Jubilee weekend by shopping the collection through Serge DeNimes, Flannels, Selfridges and Urban Outfitters.

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