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‘Selling Sunset’ star Amanza Smith launches Eden + Elie jewelry collection – WWD


Amanza Smith of Bravo’s hit reality show “Selling Sunset” has released her first jewelry collection.

“I’ve designed houses, designed furniture,” said the realtor and interior designer. “I even designed clothes, but I had never had the opportunity to design jewelry.”

It is made in collaboration with the Singaporean brand Eden + Elie, the artisanal brand sold at Wolf & Badger.

“I was introduced to the owners of the business, Stephanie and Leon, by a mutual friend,” said Smith (who has 1.1 million Instagram followers).

It was during a dinner at Catch LA

“They told me all about their jewelry business, and I absolutely loved everything they stood for,” she continued. “They’re really cool people, kind-hearted, like-minded people, and so when the opportunity came up to design for them, it was a no-brainer.”

Stephanie Choo and Leon Toh (of Damson Capital) started the brand in 2015, creating pieces using bead weaving techniques. According to the company, the seed beads are ethically produced, sourced from the oldest bead manufacturer in Japan. Jewelry is lead free, with 22k and 24k gold plating, 14k gold filling, 18k rose gold plating, pure copper or sterling silver.

“They basically told me to choose places that really spoke to me, places in the world,” she said of the design concept. “So I found the city, the urban and the beach.”

Earrings from Amanza Smith’s collaboration with Eden + Elie, retailing for $159.

Titled “Spirit of Place”, the collection includes earrings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and charms in blue, silver, white, black and gold. Everything is woven by hand using needles and polymeric threads and incorporating gold. Priced from $69 (for a single woven bead) to $409 (for a gold bracelet), the line is available online from Monday and will be sold during a pop-up at Showfields in New York from Tuesday. to January 22.

“It’s very strange because, 100%, I don’t consider myself a celebrity,” she said of the recognition since appearing on “Selling Sunset.”

She joined the show, now in its fifth season, on season two.

“It’s interesting to be recognized, and also because it’s a reality TV show, people feel like they know you even more, because we’ve shared our lives so much,” he said. she continued. “For example, they know the names of my children. They know how old they are. They call them by name and ask how they’re doing and you kind of have to, I mean, I accept that. Nobody made me sign the contract to be on the show and share my life with the world. So I feel like I signed up for it. Even when it’s boring sometimes – you’re eating or trying to, you know, enjoy your family. It is, it may seem intrusive. But for the most part, everyone – I’ve never met anyone who recognized me in a negative light. For example, there has never been a fan come forward and say anything hateful or disrespectful. Everyone is really nice. But it’s interesting, though, because I’m trying so hard – I’m like, I’m just an ordinary person.

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