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It takes a lot to stand out at the Met Gala. Yet few looks at Monday’s event have turned heads like Iman’s heavenly ode to ballroom culture, designed by Harris Reed in partnership with Dolce & Gabbana. Today, the British-American designer offers another gold rush, a shade more accessible than a Met Gala dress, but no less opulent.

Harris Reed collaborated with Missoma, a sustainable semi-fine jewelry brand, on the designer’s first jewelry collection. The wide range (49 semi-fine pieces and 15 fine pieces) does more than deliver the dark romanticism that defines the world of Harris Reed. Earrings and bracelets flow in baroque pearls and Georgian hands, while jeweled snakes and celestial images adorn rings and necklaces.

It’s the kind of fantasy and extravagant jewelry you would expect to see in a 15th century portrait of the monarchy, but with decidedly modern materials. Each piece features recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones.


Jewelry has always been on Harris Reed’s roadmap. The designer is often dripping with pieces accumulated at overseas flea markets (and a few items from his mother and grandmother). Finally, creating jewelry was all about finding the right collaborator, says Reed

What convinced him that Missoma was the perfect match? “I met Marisa [Hordern], the CEO and founder [of Missoma], at a dinner party when I was literally about to do another collaboration, ”Reed said. Their chance meeting convinced him of the brand’s commitment to quality and Missoma’s understanding of Reed’s design ethics. with celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, he adds.

The admiration was mutual on Missoma’s side. Harris Reed has made a name for himself as a celebrity fashion’s secret weapon and isn’t afraid to be who he is, which is why he was the obvious choice for us when choosing with who collaborate, ”Hordern said. BAZAAR. “We love everything Harris stands for, his passion and of course his extraordinary design style.”

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Their partnership translates Reed’s romantic and flowing aesthetic into pieces to wear endlessly. Design motifs include snakes (a symbol of change), celestial bodies (representing imagination and new phases of life), and the sword (a nod to Reed’s fight for the beauty of the fluidity of genres, “what I fight for every day,” he says).

Buyers will also notice an outpouring of labradorite and diamonds throughout the collection. The first stone features prominently on a ring Reed has worn since childhood: “It’s something I never take off,” he explains. As for the second stone, “Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are everyone’s best friend and they really make the fantasy flowing,” Reed says.

If a single piece from the vast array arrives in your basket, Reed suggests the chunky labradorite cocktail ring edged with pearls. “It’s a great piece because you can really layer it,” says the designer, “and the collection really aims to get as much drama as possible.”

Shop our favorite pieces from the Harris Reed collection for Missoma above or check out the full assortment at

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