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‘SEE’ Films Special Episode on Egypt’s Diamond Jewelry Industry


The jewelry industry has secrets and subtleties that have been monopolized by its owners for many years.
It is a profession that sons inherit from their parents and grandparents.
Then, “SEE”, a news site, filmed a special episode about the diamond industry at one of the diamond-making companies in Egypt, to learn more about its arts and secrets.

Wael Shawky, chairman of the board of directors of “Sansi” Jewelry Company, said that the jewelry industry is conducted in an organized and deliberate manner, and its first step is to identify market needs and through the availability marketing information. , the designer develops design ideas that meet the needs of consumers.

He added, and after that, the stage of implementing the wax designs through the computer using CAD/CAM technology, and after authorizing the wax designs, he is moved to the rubber section, where a piece of wax is pressed between two pieces of rubber in a special thermal pressure piston.

This mold is used to copy many parts of designs, in the form of wax that can be melted at temperatures, and then entered into the shaping stage like a tree, where this wax is formed into the shape of a small tree.

He continued, after that, the wax is moved to the “pouring” stage, in which the gold replaces the wax, and this takes place in several stages, the first of which is to place the wax tree and to install it in a “cylindrical” mold, then pour the gypsum mixture over it, then place the gypsum mold inside a thermal oven to melt the wax, leaving a vacuum.
Inside, after drying, the molten gold is poured inside into an open oven, and after cooling, the gold is taken out of the gypsum mold.

Shawky said, after that comes the step of installing gemstones or diamonds on it, manually or with a microscope, and the steps of making diamond jewelry end with polishing or plating the parts of the jewelry with radium, which gives the room a white color. it looks like money.

Translated by Ahmed Moamar

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