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RockLove Announces Marvel Studios Shang-Chi Jewelry Collection



Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is finally here, giving fans a whole new MCU experience. The movie will explore a part of the Marvel Comics world that we haven’t experienced yet, and it’ll easily be a thrill. RockLove is ready to show his love for Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings as they announce their new collaboration with Marvel. Four jewels come to life, including ten-ring badges and two incredible Shang-Chi replicas. The kick off starts with replicas of “Shaun’s” necklace that his mother gave him, as well as Wenwu’s Ten Rings bracelet. These replicas bring the MCU home and add gorgeous fashion to pair with your Marvel-inspired wardrobe. Each piece is beautifully crafted with engravings and details straight from the movie that will thrill fans new and old of this Marvel hero.

The fun doesn’t stop there as The Legend of the Ten Rings finally returns home with two pieces. RockLove offers a handcrafted necklace and ring made from solid sterling silver and brilliantly polished, giving the sparkle fans want. The polished design also shows off the infamous Ten Rings badge. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is Marvel’s next big adventure, and RockLove is bringing it home in an incredible way. Prices and sizes vary for each piece of jewelry, each one worth it to show your love for Shang-Chi, and they can all be found here.

  • Shang-Chi Marvel X RockLove Green Pendant Necklace – List Price: $ 130

“Created in collaboration with Marvel Studios and inspired by the actual accessory worn prominently in the blockbuster movie, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Substantial and heavy, a beautiful, custom-cut green aventurine gemstone is captured in a handcrafted sterling silver frame, carved with a dragon scale texture. The frame is open at the back to let light pass through the stone. The pendant hangs from an 18 inch thick soft black genuine leather cord with a 2 inch sterling silver extension chain. Each stone is unique and when exposed to light the crystalline structure is revealed! Pair it with The Tens Rings Badge Ring. “

  • Marvel X RockLove Shang-Chi The Ten Rings Insignia Ring – SRP: $ 150.00 and Insignia Necklace – SRP: $ 150

“Couble in the shadows and shrouded in mystery, the Ten Rings crime syndicate is believed to span hundreds of years, with its elite members possessing supernatural abilities in the martial arts. Handcrafted in Solid sterling silver, polished and blackened for contrast, this distinguished seal features the badge of the underground organization of the Ten Rings. A unique silhouette following the shape of the ringed crest, additional continuous engraving on either side of the ring The official Marvel Studio mark is engraved on the inside of the ring Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. Available in sizes 6 to 13. Pair it with the Insignia The Tens Rings pendant. “

  • Marvel X RockLove Shang-Chi Bracelet The Ten Rings – List price: $ 99

“Created in collaboration with Marvel Studios and inspired by the true accessory worn prominently in the Shang-Chi Rings and Marvel’s Legend of the Ten. Handcrafted of sturdy and durable brass with an aged copper finish, the Shang- Chi is intentionally thinner than the oversized accessories so that it can be comfortably worn as everyday jewelry. Shaped into the unique octagonal shape as seen in the movie, the deeply sculpted designs are distressed for contrast and continue throughout. around the 9mm thick bracelet. the bracelet opens in half and attaches with a secure mechanism that simplifies sizing – no need to slip on the hand! Available in three sizes. “

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