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Monomy allows you to design your own jewelry online


The world of jewelry design may once have been almost impenetrable, but now, thanks to a new iOS app, those days are long gone. With Japan Mononomy, described as an online personalized jewelry marketplace, anyone can create their own fashion accessories, collecting any combination of the over 1,500 different pieces available on the app. Now you can decide exactly what type of jewelry you want for yourself, and rest assured that the experienced craftsmen at Monomy will deliver your pieces to your specifications.

“The market for handmade items has grown a lot recently, with some items exceeding 1,000 orders per month,” said Eri Yamaguchi, application representative. VentureBeat. But due to this huge increase in demand, he noted, it has become difficult to keep up with orders. “Even if [craftsmen] worked without any sleep, ”Yamaguchi said,“ they wouldn’t be able to keep up with production; it is not uncommon to see items sold out or with a waiting period of several months.

But thanks to Monomy’s specially organized operations department, efficiency is key. relatively simple process, even with its customization.

“I think the most important thing is that users get joy in making items and like to be a part of the community before they sell,” Yamaguchi said. “Some users design silently on the app when they can’t really fall asleep. We are aiming for a service where users are so involved in the design that they cannot stop their hands from designing.

And because the design of the app makes the whole process feel very real, with physics, gravity, and even natural “wobbles” taken into account, you know exactly what you’ll feel like having a real experience when you start your career as an amateur jewelry designer.

“It’s not easy to find accessories that you love in accessory stores and online in Japan,” said Yamaguchi. But I hope that with Monomy everyone can find, or at least do, something they love.

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