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There’s nothing worse than meeting someone and having them forget your name a few minutes later. Or even worse, you Forget their name and should avoid greetings by their first name for all eternity. It happens to me too often, unless I forget to repeat their name at least five times in my head. It would be so easy if we all wore name badges! In the worst cases of forgetfulness, sometimes all it takes to jog my memory is the hint of a first initial. Consider this my petition for everyone to buy a piece of Missoma’s new initial jewelry collection. Not only will we all look good, but I’ll never forget another name again.

The collection includes a new earring and two new pendant necklaces, all of which are chic enough to keep you on a first name basis with everyone you meet. From the tiny glamorous details of the Chubby Pearl pendant to the remarkable thickness of the Curly Molten pendant, the necklace options aim to make your point, while the tiny pavé studs are a bit more subtle and delicate.

There are no official rules for initial jewelry, so you don’t necessarily have to wear the initial of your First name. Have fun with it and write initials for a nickname, your pet’s name, or a significant other (T for Troy, anyone?). My initial looks a little awkward when incorporated into jewelry, as the “O” looks like a zero, so I usually opt for an initial “M” to represent my last name, Marcus.

No matter what you’re trying to spell, Missoma’s unique initial collection will ensure you look great. Buy the latest pieces below or directly on the Missoma website.

STYLECASTER |  Missoma Initial Jewelry

Courtesy of Missoma.

Chubby Pearl Initial Pendant Necklace

Pearls have their heyday in the jewelry spotlight, and I’m so happy to see them incorporated into a first necklace. The alphabet pendant gives the beads a much more modern look than a traditional strand.

STYLECASTER |  Missoma Initial Jewelry

Courtesy of Missoma.

Melted curly initial necklace

No one will forget your name (or at least the letter it starts with) if you wear this beautiful initial necklace. The material has a bubble effect that will definitely attract attention.

STYLECASTER |  Missoma Initial Jewelry

Courtesy of Missoma.

Pavé Initial Earrings

If you have a few ear piercings and a knack for scrabble, you love the pavé initial earrings. Spell out any word you have room for, or keep it simple with just your initials. At less than $50 a stud, these also make a fabulous gift!

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