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Mignon Faget Ushers in a New Era with Latest Spring Jewelry Collection | Business and finance

With over 50 years of creating timeless jewelry, the iconic New Orleans brand forges ahead in changing times.

NEW ORLEANS, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The story behind Mignon Faget’s latest spring collection is an inspiring change in the new direction Mignon Faget is taking in the jewelry world.

The blend of three generations of women in the story of Mignon Faget’s spring catalog allows us to delve into the past, present and future personalities of a Mignon Faget collector. The long-time collector is a strong and dynamic woman who passed on her love for Mf. to his daughter and granddaughter. Today’s Collector is a confident woman, comfortable with strength and femininity. The future Mf. Collector is carefree, takes lessons passed on, and looks forward to her joyful future.

The Collection is timed with precision in more ways than one. Spring, usually associated with newness – new life, blooming flowers and the return of color – is the ideal time to highlight the star of the Collections, the Jasmine flower. While with the Wild Jasmine fall collection, which debuted in August 2021, we discovered jasmine leaves, we now watch the latest additions bloom in tandem with the vines that line the streets and homes of the New Orleans.

“With each new collection now comes a new story and an opportunity for the brand to talk about the inspiration behind the creations and the Collectors. Mignon Faget jewelry continues to evolve and is a catalyst for stories. By wearing jewelry that make sense, our Collectors can stay connected to their own stories and bring them to the world with them,” said Maghan Oroszi, Chief Operating and Creative Officer. a surprise, following subtle hints of their Rebirth designs and the Renaissance collection.Mignon Faget’s flourishing history and resurgence is evident in their latest collections and resounding slogan, “Every Wear A Story”.

About Mignon Faget For over 50 years, design house Mignon Faget has handcrafted jewelry inspired by the landscape that surrounds its New Orleans home. The artisans of Mignon Faget are influenced by the streets of the city which are lined with wild jasmine, wrought iron balconies and the sparkling night sky. Not hesitating to get noticed, Mignon Faget is preparing to stand the test of time.

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