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Meredith Marks Explains Jewelry Collection: Interview


As a child, Meredith Marks was fascinated by a particular piece from her mother’s jewelry collection. An innovative drop design with interchangeable gemstones, Marina B earrings served as inspiration for the “versatile and multifunctional pieces” of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City actor in his eponymous jewelry line, Meredith Marks.

These days, Meredith finds inspiration for her designs in places much more unlikely than her mother’s jewelry box. She recently took to Bravo Insider to discuss her process behind her fabulous collection, and it’s incredibly personal for such versatile pieces.

“Every piece in my collection is important to me because they all tell some sort of story about me,” Meredith explained. “My designs are inspired by all aspects of life. I love to travel and many pieces are created from foreign designs that I have seen on my travels or stones that I have found on those trips.

As well as being influenced by adventure, there are a number of design elements that Meredith considers important to her signature style.

“I love modern designs with original pieces using a variety of diamonds and colored stones. I also like pieces that incorporate negative space, versatility and functionality, ”she explained. “I have a patented clasp that allows for versatility by being able to take a pendant and clamp it onto a ring shank, or a cuff to wear as a cuff or ring. I also have many double-sided pieces allowing the pieces to be multifunctional with different looks.

The Sixtine collection, shown below, consists of diamonds in gold or silver. According to Meredith, the shaped pattern seen in each room was created to resemble a pattern she noticed on the floor during a visit to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

Some of Meredith’s ideas come much closer to home. “Other designs have come from my daily lifestyle, like the Spike collection which was designed after a piece of foliage I found on a hiking trail,” she noted.

Meredith’s work can change over time as well, which is how her Emerald Stardust collection came to fruition.

“The Stardust collection was originally made up of diamonds after the stars in the Park City sky at night,” Meredith said. “I have since made it in many other stones, like the emerald version, here.”

To prove just how adaptable Meredith’s pieces really are, it’s worth noting that fashionista RHOSLC wears her own jewelry exclusively. (With one exception: Bulgari, which Meredith explains also includes Marina B – her original inspiration – as she is part of the Bulgari family.) RHOSLC Season 1 reunion, Meredith even accessorized her asymmetrical bronze tuxedo dress with both hands full of dazzling Meredith Marks rings and bracelets.

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