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Marion Cotillard Fêtes Chanel No.5 Haute Joaillerie Collection at PFW

DIAMONDS ARE ETERNAL: Chanel hosted a dinner at Maxim’s on Friday to celebrate number 5, her latest fine jewelry collection marking a century of the house’s perfume – and arguably, the most famous in the world.

Upon her arrival, guest of honor Marion Cotillard remarked that she felt “right to celebrate this icon with something that is almost eternal”, like diamonds.

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The French actress, who became the face of the perfume in 2020, wore a five-row necklace with a 10-carat emerald-cut diamond, a design she gravitated to for the “simple but very creative design” that looked like drops on the neck, and the fact that he used diamonds. “All of these colors in one stone, all of these facets – just like the facets of this scent, really,” she said.

While the necklace she wore was one of the most striking designs in this 123-piece collection, even it pales in the face of the 55.55 masterpiece necklace, which is not available for sale and will do. part of the house’s heritage archive collection.

Earlier in the day, she had been the star of the collection’s presentation in Paris, with guests flocking to admire her flawless 55.55-carat D diamond, in an emerald-cut octagon and surrounded by 104 round diamonds and 42 diamonds. baguette. The necklace 55.55 recreates the profile of the perfume bottle stopper and the shape of the bottle, before spilling out in a cascade of pear-shaped diamonds of different sizes.

“What I love about jewelry is the intention you give [to pieces when choosing them]”said Cotillard, who is about to start exploring another timeless narrative with” Frère et Sœur, “a French drama about estranged siblings cast together as adults upon the death of their parents. “There is something magnetic about telling a story that goes far beyond yourself.”

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