Jewelry collection

Marine Serre’s jewelry collection is made up of knives and forks

Since Marine Serre made waves on the fashion scene, the designer has spent a lot of time focusing on sustainability, upcycling and regenerating objects to create her clothes and accessories.

Using unsold fabrics and adapting old clothes, we’ve seen lots of cool releases, and now Marine Serre is expanding her practice into jewelry.

No one but Marine Serre could make cutlery look like she turned kitchen utensils like forks and knives into earrings and necklaces. Of course, the pieces are also branded with its crescent moon logo, and there are different shapes and styles made from different pieces of cookware.

In addition to forks, spoons and knives, Marine also played with a selection of shells, pearls and marbles collected from around the world. Paired with gold chains and metals, the pieces aim to evoke a “post-apocalyptic shamanic aesthetic”.

As we celebrate Earth Day today, it goes without saying that Marine Serre’s focus on sustainability and regenerative materials paves the way for more brands. Faced with the state of our environment, it makes sense to look for creative solutions and reuse everyday objects in the process.

If you’re looking to pick up some of the jewelry, they’re currently available online at Marine Serre’s website, along with plenty of apparel that you can feel good about buying.

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