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MAPLE Pre-Spring/Summer 2023 Jewelry Collection


Canadian jewelry aficionado MAPLE is back for Pre-Spring/Summer 2023, offering a dazzling array of accessories worthy of a gift to yourself or that special someone in your life. As the holiday season approaches, MAPLE offers rings, necklaces and bracelets that perfectly blend a heritage aesthetic with contemporary influences – its signature Duppy Signet Ring is crafted from .925 silver and has a refined octagonal shape, but also sports a Pearl Head mother, for example.

Similarly, the Sherman takes the traditional style of the signet ring and modernizes it with a rounded design, decorating the piece with a recessed gold-plated cavity that holds either a lab-cut emerald or ruby ​​at its center. Besides rings, new chains like the Julian and 303 arrive in iterations in 925 silver or 14k gold, with the older style sporting a fluted link design that adds texture to your trusty medium silver necklace.

As expected from MAPLE, the elements of the collection are also rather playful. If formal jewelry isn’t your thing, options like the Freak Ring are also on offer; takes its name from the 3D bubble lettering that spells out the word “FREAK” on the .925 silver band. Other fun MAPLE inclusions like the Floral Ring – a linked silver piece featuring flowers that are etched into the intersecting bands – round out MAPLE’s PSS23 line.

Take a look at the campaign above and discover the new collection alongside MAPLE staples online now.

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