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Man selling jewelry online shot at Fresno apartment complex


FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – An investigation is underway as we learn more details about a shooting that took place at an apartment complex in southwest Fresno.

Police said two young men went to an apartment complex in Hughes and Dakota to sell jewelry, but one ended up being shot.

This happened shortly before 9 p.m. on Monday, with police responding to gunfire from an apartment complex. Although police did not name the apartment complex where the incident took place, the property manager of Alder Heights Apartments confirmed the location of the incident on Monday evening.

According to Fresno Police, two men had gone to the apartment complex to sell jewelry that one of them had put up for sale on the “OfferUp” app.

Upon arriving at the meeting place, the victim was approached by two men.

“The victim got out of the car, was approached by two men, the witness did not hear what was said, but all of a sudden he heard the shots and ran away”, said Lt. Bill Dooley of Fresno PD.

He says the two sides have agreed to meet at the apartment complex through the app.

Police are still looking for suspects and asking the public to speak out if they have any information.

“Our detectives arrived at the scene, watched surveillance videos and spoke to members of the apartment complex to try to get a better idea of ​​who the suspects are,” said Lt. Dooley.

Fresno PD recognizes that exchanges of all kinds happen all the time, and that’s why they want to remind the public that there are places people can go to make safe transactions.

“Each of our 5 district stations has a safe area, we have a well-lit area clearly marked as a safe area as well as a video surveillance camera along those areas,” Lt. Dooley said.

Officers encourage people to use them to stay safe and prevent dangerous incidents.

“Anyone looking to sell, buy or even trade child custody, please come to one of our stations to do it, this is a safe place to do it,” says Lt. Dooley. .

Police say the victim was taken to the CRMC and at the last check-up remains in critical but stable condition.

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