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Louis Vuitton’s Pure V jewelry collection is an art deco lover’s dream

A classic investment jewel or watch is never only an accessory, there is always a rich history behind. In the new series of W Rock stars, we explore what makes legacies past, present and future so unique.

In the world of fine jewelry, tradition is essential. Just like haute couture, fine jewelry is crafted each season by master jewelers with exceptional know-how, often using techniques skilfully refined over the decades. Many well-known jewelry and fashion houses have been around for a century or more, with extensive archives and deep roots. Knowing this, one might wonder, in an industry so steeped in the past, can the product still reflect modern times?

Louis Vuitton’s response is a resounding yes. Their Pure V collection, designed by Francesca Amifitheatrof, Artistic Director of Watches and Jewelry for the house, is definitely not from your grandmother’s jewelry box. The sleek and chic collection, which is inspired by the minimalist and art-deco V-shaped signature that Gaston-Louis Vuitton affixed to his luggage in the years 1920-1930, takes the tradition and makes it turn for a woman of our time.

Describing her work, Amifitheatrof explains: “I wanted this minimalist adaptation to be chic, avant-garde and easy to wear at the same time. Because nowadays women are looking for versatile high jewelry pieces that can be worn with a black turtleneck as well as a tuxedo jacket ”. I tend to agree with her, as a young jewelry enthusiast who spends more time in the office than in the ballroom (although practically nowadays), when looking to invest I am attracted to pieces that match my lifestyle. I certainly saw myself in this collection.

The suite of eight pieces is entirely crafted in white gold, diamonds and black onyx. The bold architectural forms, which all play with the house’s signature V, reveal tiny glimpses of skin that Amifitheatrof says are just as important as the jewelry itself. The centerpiece of the collection is the white gold necklace, fully set with brilliants and adorned with a 2 carat pear diamond.

I have a weakness for two-tone rings and bracelets, which feature alternating lines of baguette diamonds and onyx. Depending on the house, these pieces are inspired by the French Roaring Twenties (or the “Roaring Twenties” in English – in reference to 1920s France), bringing the aesthetic of the era into the 21st century with a clean design. As we enter the very crazy Our own 1920s, these pieces look perfectly contemporary.

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