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Longtime New Orleans jewelry design house Mignon Faget announces rebranding and looks to the future


Rather described as a Renaissance that a brand change, Cute Faget has evolved into a brand that is more than a provincial jewelry collection — and their new look means just that.

NEW ORLEANS, August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While Cute Faget is well established in New Orleans for more than 50 years, the company has grown with the passing years. If the Mignon Faget Collector has not changed, it has certainly continued to develop in new markets. This growth provides even more opportunities to grow and develop their collectors with a greater diversity of styles, ages and genders. Today, the company announces that it has completed a major rebranding. Hoping to engage with a new era of collectors looking for something a little off-script, Cute Faget spared no effort to decide on the direction to take for its brand.

It is well known that Cute Faget the designs are inspirations taken directly from the architecture and nature around their historic town of New Orleans. The jewelry design house showcases a unique sense of fun through its designs, creating pieces for anyone, anytime. The company’s founder and namesake started the business by designing garments and adorning them with sterling silver pins, quickly realizing that customers were more in love with the adornments than the garments themselves. Just like the jewelry became a beautiful conceptualization of the clothing line, the new rebranding also formed over time through the luxury jewelry market and the evolution of their own collector base. The new branding consists of a whole new look, from their logo and monogram to their brand colors.

While many companies experience a logo update or color change in their lifetime, this is the first for Cute Faget. Updating a 50+ year old logo is a big step into the future and growth of the business. Director of Operations and Creation for Cute FagetMaghan Orozsi, says, “When conceptualizing our new brand image, we looked to our founder. Our past and our future are the vision of a fifth generation of New Orleans; a pioneer of entrepreneurship feminine and, thanks to its design, a cultural ambassador of New Orleans. She forged a business that flourished for over fifty years. As we plan for our next 50 years, we want to signal our growth and our aspirations for the company. Our new logo honors our history and looks to our future. As classic as it is modern, as accessible as it is sophisticated, just like Cute Faget.”

Again, inspired by New Orleans, the brand’s new colors are inspired by the architecture, cuisine and bayous that surround the city. Transitioning from the iconic burnt red color to the deep, luxurious contemporary jade, reflects the leaves of centuries-old oak trees as well as sumptuous labradorite gemstones. Supporting this strong primary tone are hues of “Haint Blue”, taken from the ceilings of Louisiana porches; “Creole Creole”, gourmet and distinct Southern cuisine; and, unable to completely break with tradition, keeping a touch of “Cute Red” to shed light on the past and where they come from. Because if an update seems necessary, Cute Faget does not intend to change the way they serve their collectors and community. proud to call New Orleans at home and excited to embark alongside the city in the future, Cute Faget is ready to bring their unique designs into the next chapter of his life.


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