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Longtime Hamilton Jewelers Director Jim Silfies to retire from the jewelry industry

Jim began his Illustrious career in 1972, in Lancaster, PA. He was recruited by his American Legion baseball coach, who was a director of Kay Jewelers. From diamond baseball to selling diamonds, Jim quickly evolved to become the manager of a Kay in Cornwell Heights, PA. He managed the store for a year before accepting a position with JE Caldwell as Merchandise Coordinator. JE Caldwell promoted Silfies in 1976 to Store Manager in Harrisburg, PA. He progressed with the company until 1992, from Pennsylvania, to the Wilmington, Delaware the Dupont hotel, in Washington DC on Connecticut Avenue, where he was director of operations. He ended his career at JE Caldwell supervise two stores at King of Prussia, PA.

After Jim’s track record of success in the industry, a colleague of his informed him of an opportunity with Hamilton Jewelers. In 1992 he interviewed Martin and Hank siegel and accepted a role in Princeton, New Jersey as a store manager. He was promoted to regional director of Hamilton’s of them Florida Stores in Palm Beach County in 1994 and led the region until 2021, helping countless clients and mentoring countless Hamilton team members along the way.

Chief Operating Officer, Hamilton Jewelers Andrew Siegel said: “When I started in the industry my father and late grandfather both told me that if I wanted to learn anything I had to look Jim silfies. I spent several days watching and listening to Jim’s interactions with clients and team members and quickly realized that there simply was no one like Jim. The ease with which he makes you the center of his attention means that you will always feel good after interacting with Jim. I will miss watching him work, but I’m so happy for him as he embarks on his well-deserved next chapter. “

During his 30-year career with Hamilton, Jim has mentored hundreds of employees, represented Hamilton in the industry and the community, has established wonderful relationships with customers, and has been involved in the sale of multi-million dollar jewelry and watches.

Hamilton President and CEO Hank siegel commented, “it was an honor to count Jim silfies as a member of Hamilton family for 30 years. Jim possesses characteristics that have served him well as a leader from the start … fierce loyalty, a commitment to doing what is best for the company, unconditional support to his team members and a desire to ‘go to great lengths to please the customer. His humor, reliability and extensive knowledge of the industry have been tremendous assets throughout his career. Thanks to his mandate with Hamilton, Jim wore many hats – leader, closer, recruiter, coach and all well. All Hamilton team joins the Siegel family in wishing Jim and his wonderful wife Michelle much fun in this next phase of their life together. ”

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