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Le Vian gives bees a boost with the collection and donation of Bee Positive jewelry – JCK

Among pollinators, bees have a special place not only in the environment but also in jewelry, where the image of this black and yellow worker has inspired many jewelers, including Eddie LeVian, to replicate their likeness.

Today, the Le Vian brand takes its founder’s affection for the bee and his latest collection titled Bee Positive and extends it to action.

As part of the launch of its Bee Positive campaign, social team Le Vian recently joined the Bees Without Borders team live as they released 3 million bees in New York City to highlight the important role bees play. bees in the world.

bee ring
The Bee Positive campaign includes this Bee signature ring, which features Honey Gold and Chocolate Diamonds ($1,700).

Additionally, Le Vian will donate $20 from the sale of each Bee Positive piece to Bees Without Borders, a charity founded by New York beekeeper Andrew Coté, which aims to increase the number of beekeepers in areas. poor, offering new sources of income. of honey production.

“Bee Positive is Le Vian’s headliner for our positive trend for 2022,” says LeVian. “Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem, with their vital role in pollination and the rebirth of plant life.”

LeVian says her affection for bees comes from the lessons they can teach people in terms of hard work, selflessness and teamwork, “characteristics deemed increasingly essential in today’s divided world. ‘today,’ he said.

The Bee Positive collection began with exclusive styles available at Jared, Kay, Macy’s and independent jewelers. For Mother’s Day, Le Vian expanded the collection to make Bee Positive necklaces available at more than 1,000 retail locations across the United States, the company said. The Bee Positive necklace also caught the eye, winning the 2022 Centurion Excellence in Design award for casual fashion under $1,500, the company said.

bee pendant
The Bee Positive Pendant speaks to the bee as a symbol of rebirth, says Eddie LeVian ($1,800).

What makes Le Vian bees so remarkable are the materials used. The New York-based company describes the materials as Honey Gold in addition to Vanilla and Chocolate diamonds that “come together like worker bees” on each piece.

The brand has also used its Bee Positive social media campaign effectively, sharing facts and information about bees about its efforts to preserve the environment of this all-important pollinator across all of its platforms. For example, did you know that 99% of bees in a hive are female?

The Bee Positive collection also fits right in with the 2022 trends Le Vian has seen across the board, focusing her jewelry and branding around “Sunny Days Ahead”, noting that the past two years away from family and friends have jewelry designers and wearers looking for connection. The brand’s emphasis on sunny yellow diamonds and honey gold can be seen in its designs as well as the positive emphasis of its brand message.

Above: The Le Vian Bee Positive collection has been awarded for its design and the brand donates part of its sales to the conservation of bees (photos provided by Le Vian).

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