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Laboratory-grown diamonds gain traction in the jewelry industry

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – Lab-grown diamonds are gaining traction in the jewelry industry and among consumers.

This year, Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry company, launched its first lab-created diamond collection, called Pandora Brilliance.

According to the Pandora website, the collection contains “stones that are physically, chemically and optically identical to their mined counterparts.” The difference is that they are made above the ground.

Sherelyn Mora, managing director of Dunkin’s Diamonds in Fort Myers, said the increased demand for lab-grown diamonds is something they cannot ignore.

“We cannot overlook what is happening today,” Mora said. “Lab-grown products are all the rage for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that you can’t tell them apart and you can save a lot of money. “

Mora showed ABC7’s Krista Fogelsong a side-by-side comparison of two seemingly identical diamonds. One was grown in a lab, another was mined from the earth. Mora said the cost difference between the two was around $ 25,000. Buying a lab-grown diamond will save you around 40%, she said.

While she’s happy to help buyers choose a lab-grown diamond, Mora and other jewelers, like Amanda Jaron, said they prefer the story behind a mined diamond.

“They have a much greater sense of grandeur than something that’s just made in a lab,” said Jaron, a jewelry designer in Naples.

Regarding resale, Mora said lab-grown diamonds do not retain their value like a traditional diamond.

While you cannot tell the difference with the naked eye, an expert will be able to do so with special equipment.

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