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Katherine Jetter’s new jewelry collection is all about girl power


Massachusetts-based gemologist and jewelry designer Katherine Jetter just released her new collection and it’s all about girl gang power.

With stores in both Nantucket and Chestnut Hill, Jetter is a local jewelry innovator. She launched her line in 2008 with only the finest stones and materials. And she opened her first retail store, The Vault, in Nantucket in 2016. The Vault not only offers her own designs, but also collections from international jewelers. Earlier this year, she opened a second location in Chestnut Hill. Visit her shops “Want to walk into your friend’s living room, hang out and have a glass of wine.” Jetter said. Unlike so many other fine jewelry stores, hers is not austere, featuring eclectic decor and a relaxed vibe.

Photography: Courtesy of Katherine Jetter

This month, she launched her new collection with a garden party on Nantucket in Greater Light. Named “The Lady of the Rings”, the collection speaks of the power and diversity of feminine energy. The collection includes seven different rings, each with a design inspired by goddesses and symbols from antiquity and beyond.

    Katherine Jetter Party
Photography: Courtesy of Katherine Jetter

Jetter held its launch event at Greater Light on Nantucket, which is part of the Nantucket Historic Association. Once a barn, the space was converted into a summer residence and art studio by two Quaker sisters, Gertrude and Hanna Monaghan in the 1930s. twelve-foot hand, floor-to-ceiling windows and a lush secret garden. Alongside modern Jetter pieces, jewelry and historical artifacts from the Nantucket Whaling Museum were on display to juxtapose new and old Nantucket.

Katherine Jetter Rings
Photography: Courtesy of Katherine Jetter

Each of the rings in the “Lady of the Rings” collection has a different meaning, the aim is for the wearer to feel protected or inspired by the ring itself. Some days you may need to be strong and bold and others you may need to be strategic and calculated, no matter what a ring to suit, so collect them all.

The Lady of the Rings collection is available for purchase as a set or individually and comes in solid gold or with an optional baguette diamond halo. The plain gold variety is priced at $2600 per ring and those with the additional diamonds are priced at $3800 and can be purchased in-store or online.

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