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Kate Middleton’s jewelry collection of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana is worth over $100m – which piece is the most expensive

Kate Middleton has worn phenomenal jewelry since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge. It all started with her famous sapphire engagement ring, which belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Since then, Kate has worn a collection of Diana and Queen Elizabeth pieces worth a total of over $100 million. But which part is the most expensive?

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Kate Middleton wore the Cartier Halo tiara on her wedding day

When Kate married Prince William in April 2011, she wore the Cartier Halo tiara worth an estimated $1.7 million. Borrowed from Queen Elizabeth, the tiara featured 739 brilliant-cut diamonds and 149 baguette-cut diamonds. It was originally a gift from King George VI to his wife, Queen Mary, in 1936.

The Queen Mother has only been photographed wearing the tiara once, and Queen Elizabeth has never worn it in public. After that it was worn by Princess Margaret and Princess Anne. However, the piece has become an iconic royal wedding tiara thanks to Kate.

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Since Kate joined the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth has lent her 10 jewels worth over $100 million. They include Queen Mary’s diamond choker, maple leaf brooch, New Zealand fern brooch, Bahrain pearl earrings, Dubai sapphire earrings and a headband necklace floral in rubies and diamonds.

Princess Diana wore the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara

When Kate married William, she also inherited six jewels from Princess Diana worth nearly $20 million. These included her sapphire engagement ring, the Saudi sapphire suite (worth nearly $15 million alone), a three-row pearl bracelet, Collingwood earrings and earrings. pearl earrings from the South Seas.

Kate also inherited the stunning Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara. Originally belonging to the Queen Mother, she gave the tiara to Princess Diana as a wedding gift.

With its neo-gothic style and a beautiful array of diamonds and pearls, this piece is worth between 1 and 2 million dollars. The last time Kate wore it was in 2018 at the state banquet of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

Kate Middleton’s Most Expensive Jewel Is Worth Millions

The most expensive piece of jewelry the Duchess of Cambridge has worn publicly is the Nizam of Hyderabad necklace. With an estimated value between 80 and 120 million dollars. This magnificent piece belongs to Queen Elizabeth and is said to be one of the most expensive jewels in the entire collection of the royal family.

“It is by far one of the most precious jewels of the British royal family,” a diamond expert from Steven Stone Jewelers told Express.

“The necklace, which was made by Cartier in 1935, is extremely intricate with over 50 diamonds nestled in an abstract floral pattern.”

Nizam of Hyderabad necklace is ‘one of a kind’

The royal expert went on to say that the necklace featured “an array of huge pavé stones and a detachable double drop pendant”. There are also “13 emerald and pear shaped diamonds linked to a chain of 38 other brilliant cut stones”.

“A piece like this is truly one of a kind,” the jewelry expert explained. “The necklace was a wedding gift to Princess Elizabeth of the Nizam of Hyderabad, who was known at the time as one of the richest people in the world.”

Queen Elizabeth chose the Cartier necklace that Kate Middleton likes to wear

Then-Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip in 1947. And legend has it that the Nizam of Hyderabad asked Cartier to allow the future queen to choose whatever she wanted from their jewelry collection.

“The Queen opted for a tiara with three detachable flower brooches and what we now know as the Nizam Necklace of Hyderabad,” the diamond expert explained.

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As for the jewelry Prince William gave Kate during their 11 years of marriage, he reportedly gave her nine different pieces worth nearly $200,000. They include an Olympic Cartier set, a Ballon Bleu Cartier watch, amethyst earrings and an eternity ring.

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