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Jewelry Industry Veterans Debut Revolutionary EZEC Technology for Medical ID Jewelry at JCK Las Vegas 2022


(PRESS RELEASE) LAS VEGAS – Debuting in JCK Las Vegas’ Tech & Essentials District, EZEC is making it easier than ever to sell stylish jewelry embedded with essential technology that saves lives and creates better outcomes for people in times of need.

About 40% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic illness that requires regular medication and/or specific medical instructions in an emergency. This group would benefit from wearing medical notification jewelry. Until now, however, the jewelry industry has lacked an attractive, HIPAA-compliant option that provides easy access to medical information for patients and caregivers.

That’s where EZEC – or “Easy Emergency Contact” – comes in. Designed as a platform for jewelers to build and create medical jewelry, EZEC offers an easily integrated plug-and-play technology solution that allows designers to focus on what they do best (design!). The company’s robust technology uses a secure Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled chip that is connected through a secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile app and database.

When the owner of an EZEC-equipped medical ID jewel experiences a medical emergency and their activated device or jewel is scanned, their medical information becomes immediately available to first responders and emergency medical teams, and their contacts. emergencies are automatically notified.

Once scanned by a first responder using the app, the unique identifier is sent to the EZEC HIPAA compliant server. The secure service responds by presenting the first responder or caregiver with encrypted data that:

  • Identifies the patient/owner
  • Notifies them of the patient’s chronic disease(s), blood type, vaccine information, allergies and supplements
  • Details the amounts and types of medications they are taking and may have on them, along with explicit instructions on how they should be used (e.g., “a pill box on my keychain has nitro pills in it of 5 mg, 2 per emergency”)
  • May include advance healthcare directives (DNR, DNI), power of attorney and organ donor status
  • Simultaneously notifies their emergency contact(s) of their location
  • Connects the first responder to the patient’s emergency contact for any other relevant information or changes in conditions and treatments
  • Enables tracking notifications that detail patient/owner location

Additionally, EZEC customers can easily broadcast vital information to the general public to access without the app (ex. John Doe – heart disease – nitro pills, right pocket).


“In any emergency scenario, this is vital information,” says Manos Phoundoulakis, co-founder and director of Happiness at EZEC. “By creating a complete solution for jewelers, we can help them improve the lives of their customers, while increasing their sales.”

Founded in 2021 by jewelry industry veterans Andrew DeMarco and Manos Phoundoulakis, EZEC is committed to the idea that when medical information is available in an emergency and your loved ones are involved, results can improve. improve considerably. The participation of your loved one is also very important. This requires evolving beyond traditional engraved medical identification jewelry. Both founders have personal stories that inspired the desire to innovate in this long neglected area of ​​the jewelry industry. The company is a quintessentially Colorado company, with a diverse and passionate team based in the Centennial State.

Stop by the EZEC booth at JCK Las Vegas (#59074 in the Tech & Essentials District on Level 1) to see why lifesaving technology combined with a wide array of jewelry represents the cutting edge of medical identification jewelry.

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