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Jewelry Industry Efforts to Support and Fundraise for Ukraine


Since the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion by Vladimir Putin’s army, independent and established jewelry designers, antique and vintage dealers and retailers have stepped up to support various non-profit organizations responding to the crisis. current. Jewelry may seem like the last thing on anyone’s mind when it comes to matters of life and death, but this is an industry that consistently and quickly responds to crises with generosity and compassion. Using their social media platforms and websites, they raise awareness, fundraise and share information, supporting various causes including Ukrainian military and civilian forces, refugees and even pets.

In their own words, designers, stockists and retailers talk about the significance of the pieces they choose to sell/auctions they run, the charities they support and how they provide their support.

Muse x Ten Thousand Things (“Have a heart”) – For the benefit of the Ukrainian Red Cross

Jennifer Shanker of Muse says, “In response to all that’s going on in Ukraine right now, we’re leveraging our ‘Have A Heart’ charity charm initiative to raise awareness and raise as much money as possible to help.” All proceeds from the Ten Thousand Things blue lapis charm (a nod to the blue of the Ukrainian flag) will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross, which provides aid, supplies and medical care to those affected by these tragic attacks..

Shari Cohen-Seal & ScribeBenefiting from Razom’s emergency response

“For my ongoing fundraising efforts, I started with these rings which embodied an aspect of how I felt about the invasion of Ukraine. Our Facts, not words ring was about taking action, not just “thoughts and prayers.” the Unite ring was about the unity we see among the Ukrainian people. And the Freedom Moon ring speaks of Ukraine’s right to exist as a free and independent nation.”

Tomasz Donocik – Tomasz DonocikBenefiting SOS Children’s Village UK Sister Poland Branch

“The development of the situation in Ukraine reminds us of the fragility of peace and security. Being of Polish descent myself, we remember our history and stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbours. After thinking for a long time about how my own skills could help the victims of this crisis, I decided to launch a leather bracelet with Ukrainian colors. 100% of profits will be donated to the charity SOS Children’s Villages UK (Charity No 1069204) through their sister organisation,, who evacuate orphaned children and foster families from Ukraine and accommodate them in their children’s villages in Poland. .”

Samantha Jackson-Heavenly VicesFor the benefit of WCK (World Central Kitchen)

“As I watched tearful husbands, wives and children part, I kept re-reading this passage from the Old Testament. ‘And Mitzpah; for he said: The Lord watches between me and you, when we are absent from each other’ in my head and I knew this token of love would speak to one of my followers right now. It sold out within an hour of publication. 50% of the proceeds from this one-of-a-kind pendant were donated to WCK (World Central Kitchen); fundraising efforts for several organizations are underway.

Lauren Harwell – Harwell GodfreyFor the benefit of WCK (World Central Kitchen)

“I envisioned a healing talisman with a malachite heart at its center. As I sketched the design, I realized that my signature triangular pattern placed over the repeating heart created what looked like a broken heart that has been pieced together The choice of malachite was twofold: its vibrant green color not only represents the heart chakra, but it is also said to be a stone that protects against negative energy and promotes healing. unconditional love. Each heart is accompanied by a bail with two bars creating an equal symbol as a gesture of unity that we can achieve when we help each other. 100% of the proceeds from this malachite heart pendant go to WCK (World Central Kitchen) to help fund their work.

Cyndi Yi – Le Fab Nab – For the benefit of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

“Seeing this now viral video of the father crying as he sent his daughter back on the train really hit me. I knew I had to do something, however small. I chose vintage gold silhouette charms for my first sales auction of items for children, for parents, for all brave Ukrainians. ”

The auction of this piece motivated Cyndi to hold auctions on Instagram for pieces from her network of jewelry designers and dealers; she explains how it was born out of an auction “After feeling immobilized by fear and worry about what I saw all day last Friday, I woke up on Saturday feeling that I didn’t I had no choice but to do something. Since my first auction, our little jewelry community has come together. So far, in less than a week, we’ve committed over $9,900, including $2,700 of my personal donations from sales, to donor-chosen nonprofits.

Jennifer Gandia – Greenwich St. Jewelers Benefiting from Razom’s emergency response

“Wherever we are in the world above us is the same sky full of stars and we are an embodied mirror of the cosmos: a constellation called humanity.” She adds, “We are selling raffle tickets online for $20 each, for a chance to win an 18K Diamond Astra Pendant in the zodiac sign of their choice, a charm holder and an 18 Rhombus chain.” Proceeds from each ticket purchased will be donated to to support their efforts to provide essential medical supplies on the ground in Ukraine. “

Marla Aaron-Marla Aaron – For the benefit of WCK (World Central Kitchen)

“World Central Kitchen makes it easy to mobilize and empower everyone to find a way to help quickly with what is needed most in difficult times. They do. It is our joy to provide 100% of the proceeds of our charm/ silver chair pendant to their extraordinary efforts at the Ukraine border. Over the past few days, we have been overwhelmed with the response from our customers.”

Susan Cohen-circa 1700 – For the benefit of the HOPE project

“The Love & Protection Armor handmade mechanical clasp customized in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and symbolizes the people of Ukraine and their incredible will to fight to protect the country they love – and that we stand with them in their battle cry to remain independent.”

Zoe Benyon-Director-RobinsonPelham – For the benefit of the British Red Cross

“We went with the simplest and most effective fundraising formula, 100% of profits go to the British Red Cross as they run a crisis appeal in Ukraine. They provide food, first aid, water, shelter, medicine, clothing. They train first aiders, help families stay in touch and support hospitals. Instead, we make simple wristbands with a simple “Wear your support for Ukraine” message and sell them through Instagram (DM us @robinsonpelham), through our flagship store (+44 (0) 207 828 3492) and in line .”

Orly Eisbart-Orly Marcel – For the benefit of Save the Children

“Like all of us, I watch with disbelief, sadness and horror the senseless aggression against Ukraine and its brave, strong and resolute people. In thoughts, OM sends strength, courage and security. In (a small) act, sending all profits from Evil-eyes and Hamsa pendants sold symbolizing protection to @save the childrena wonderful philanthropy that helps Ukrainian children in need.

Gwen Myers – Eden Presley a limited-edition peace sign with diamonds on one side, yellow and blue sapphires on the other to benefit United Help Ukraine; Sig Ward-Sig Ward Jewelry Iolite and citrine reed rings benefiting Razom for Ukraine; Bea Bongiasca-Bea Bongiasca sales of all items for the benefit of the Ukrainian Red Cross; Suhani Parekh-Misho #StandWithUkraine pendant and ring for the benefit of several charities. Emily Hirsch-Talon Jewelry Crescent Moon to benefit the donor’s chosen charity. the OX Teamwhile the grandchildren of a Ukrainian Holocaust survivor have confirmed that part of the proceeds from the sale of the first patented Ourglass bracelet will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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