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Updated May 12 at 1 p.m.

In addition to being a serious public health threat, COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on the U.S. economy, especially the small businesses that form its backbone.

JCK has compiled the following list of resources from our site and elsewhere that we hope our readers will find helpful in navigating this situation. This page will be updated as the situation evolves.

COVID-19 Industry Webinar Calendar

Upcoming webinars and virtual events
The JCK Show has compiled industry webinars and virtual events related to navigating coronavirus challenges in one place.

JCKonline Articles

Cancellations, closures, rescheduling, reopening of the jewelry industry
JCK regularly updated list on how COVID-19 is affecting stores and industry events.

Here’s how to make jewelry testing safer in stores
Jewelers need to formulate (and practice) sales tactics that don’t involve touching or even approaching their customers.

The Jewelery Quarter, Episode 18: Guest Rhett Outten
The owner of Croghan’s Jewel Box in Charleston, SC, explains how she used social media to keep her business afloat during the lockdown and what precautions she is taking now that her store has reopened.

Now is the perfect time to stop ignoring TikTok
The app was downloaded 315 million times in the first quarter and has exploded in popularity in the United States since the quarantines began.

The Jewelery Quarter, episode 17: Abe Sherman invited
Abe Sherman, Founder and CEO of Buyers Intelligence Group, gives advice to jewelers while their store is shutting down, discusses ways to manage their finances and explains what the post-COVID-19 jewelry world could look like.

Top tips from industry webinars
There has been an explosion of webinars advising jewelers on how to survive the current crisis. We have compiled some useful tips.

How to conduct a virtual engagement ring consultation
Sales of engagement rings are not stopping because of a pandemic. Learn how to sell by video conference if you are working remotely. It’s easier than you think!

The Jewelery Quarter, episode 16: Sherry Smith, guest
In a special edition of JCKThe podcast from Sherry Smith, director of business development at Edge Retail Academy, gives advice and guidance to jewelers on how to deal with COVID-19, from loans they need to apply for what the future may hold.

How To Apply For These Paycheck Protection Loans
Under the Paycheck Protection Program, if you don’t lay off your employees, you can get your loan canceled completely.

7 things you need to know about getting an SBA loan
The Small Business Association asks for less paperwork, fewer pre-requisites, and processes loans sooner. Plus, the first $ 10,000 will likely be free.

Protecting a jewelry store from crime during COVID-19
If you are shutting down for a long time, you need to take extra precautions, warns the Jewelers’ Security Alliance.

Why it’s time to talk to your landlord
Worried about not being able to pay your rent? Experts say the owners are more than willing to strike a deal.

What should you post on social media now?
Four Ways to Authentically Connect with Anxiety-Riddled Customers.

Do I need to take out business interruption insurance?
Insurance companies will almost certainly reject your claim, although Congress may step in and help you.

Why “I’m Afraid, Here’s a Sale” Isn’t a Great Retail Strategy
The industry’s most visible and knowledgeable jewelry marketing and sales consultants give their advice.

social media
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5 ways to stay in touch with employees working from home
Human connection and routine save your mind during quarantine!

Facing the crisis
Since 2002: An employer’s reaction to a calamity can affect not only the well-being of employees but also that of the company.

What does hand sanitizer do to our jewelry?
At a time when hand disinfectant is an absolute must, experts are looking at how to keep your jewelry in the best possible condition.

Life during the quarter: why hanging on can pay off for jewelers
When the COVID-19 crisis ends, physical stores could reap the rewards.

Jewelers in quarantine: creators send messages of love and support
As designers and small brands retreat to their homes, many send beautiful, empathetic letters to their followers.

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Reopening of resources

Jewelers of America Back to Business Toolkit

Best practices of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee to avoid legal liability during reopening

National Retail Federation reopening checklist

Antwerp protocols for the reopening of a diamond business

Tips for reopening your business

RetailWire: Should face masks be mandatory for buyers?

Articles from other publications

State tax filing guidelines for the coronavirus

Paycheque Loan or Refundable Tax Credit: You Can’t Claim Both, Which Is Better?

Advice from a small business banker on PPP loans

How Loan Forgiveness Works Under the Paycheck Protection Program

4 steps to get your loan canceled

What to do after receiving a PPP loan

Other options beyond the paycheque protection program

5 things to know about the new law on paid leave against the coronavirus

Rent Cuts and Other Relief for COVID-19 Business Disruption

11 options if your business can’t pay its bills

Can’t pay off your credit card because of the coronavirus? Your bank may be able to help.

The Big List of COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programs for Small Businesses by State

As business grows online, jeweler warns of check fraud

Brand marketing through the coronavirus crisis

How Businesses Should Communicate About COVID-19

5 tips for businesses during the coronavirus

Advice from jewelers for working from home

How to be more resilient during the pandemic

Industry and Retail Resources

Support network for jewelers

Jewelers of America Coronavirus Resource Guide

Edge Retail Academy Survival Tips for Retailers

COVID-19 Resources of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Responsible Jewelery Council COVID-19 Resource Page

COVID-19 Resources from Jewelers and Manufacturing Suppliers

At the store Resource Center for Jewelers

American Gem Society: Useful Resources

Punchmark Jeweler’s Survival Kit Podcast

SCORE Coronavirus Resource Center

Small Business Guide and Small Business Administration Lending Resources

National Retail Federation Coronavirus Resources

National Federation of Resources for Small Businesses Independent Business

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Guide to Coronavirus

Recorded webinars

American Gem Society: “Overcome current challenges and prepare for the future”

At the store: Management and communication through the crisis

At the store: “Managing the crisis: human resources concerns

At the store: “Managing the COVID-19 Crisis for Jewelers: The Digital Marketing Response

At the store: “Managing the crisis: how to manage your finances and your marketing

At the store: “Managing the crisis: what to do with your inventory and your store”

At the store: “Managing the Crisis: What’s Your Long-Term Plan? “

At the store: “Returning to work: the new safety rules

Jewelers of America: “Retail, from time to time”

Jewelers of America: “How To Safely Reopen Your Jewelry Business”

Jewelers of America: “Best Practices for Training and Using Staff During COVID-19”

Jewelers of America: “Protect your store

Jewelers of America: “Coronavirus: no social (media) distancing required

Jewelers of America: “Coronavirus outbreak: stress management and COVID-19”

Jewelers of America: “A framework for dealing with legal issues ”

Jewelers of America: “10 Tactical Ways To Grow Your Business During COVID-19

Jewelers of America: “Coronavirus outbreak: labor law and business issues

Jewelers of America: “Use social platforms to bond with customers during tough times

Jewelers of America: “Keeping Your Business Safe During the COVID-19 Outbreak”

Jewelers of America: “Coronavirus Outbreak: Best Practices for Payment Processing and Dispute Management”

Jewelers of America: “7 Critical Marketing Adjustments to Fight a Recession”

Jewelers of America: “Families First and CARES Laws: What Employers Need to Know”

Jewelers of America: “Small Business Administration Briefing »

Jeweler vigilance committee: “Coronavirus outbreak: a framework for resolving legal issues

Jewelers and Manufacture Suppliers of America: “You have insurance and legal questions, we have advice”

Plumbing Club: “Navigating in the new financial, legal and HR landscape”

GOAL: “Coronavirus and Your Small Business: Q&A with SCORE Mentors »

Smithee Group: “Dos and Don’ts for Digital Marketing”

General resources on COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 page

The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 page


World Health Organization COVID-19 Response Fund

Doctors Without Borders

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