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JewelRecycle, LLC is revolutionizing the jewelry industry with its customer-centric approach


Todd Melet is a widely recognized jeweler currently making waves in the jewelry industry for his incredible and unique approach to craftsmanship. But, unlike others in the same profession, this brilliant go-getter is slowly cementing a reputable position in the trade by considering and prioritizing customer needs. On a mission to translate his vision to revolutionize the industry, he brought his brainchild, JewelRecycle, LLC.

Primarily located in the beautiful and historic state of North Carolina, JewelRecycle, LLC is a family-owned business that helps people reclaim possessions they no longer need. Whether a person is decluttering or transitioning to a new phase in their life, this emergent entity is on a mission to guide their customers through their transition, enabling them to dispose of their precious pieces in the most convenient way. as efficient as possible. “We are passionate about guiding our customers through our seamless process to help them discover the value of their fine jewelry, precious metals and other items,” Todd explained.

Beating the pavement to become North Carolina’s most trusted gemstone buyer, JewelRecycle, LLC is dedicated to meeting the needs of its customers in the best possible way. Its excellent service is on a whole new level, benefiting from the transparency all step of the way. The founder’s background in the technology industry has allowed him to develop a web-based point of sale system that efficiently performs calculations based on a live feed of precious metals and diamond prices. This system, together with the non-destructive X-ray fluorescence technology used to assess purity in seconds, allows this pioneering entity to pursue its vision of offering its customers a simple and transparent evaluation combined with a fair offer for their articles in precious metals.

“We never take your stuff to a back room for assessment. Our efficient and accurate assessment happens right before your eyes,” Todd explained.

Although JewelRecycle, LLC already speaks volumes of brilliance and excellence, it wouldn’t have cemented itself even more solidly without Todd Melet’s incredible zeal for the craft. After spending hours helping his father and grandfather sell, sort, analyze and display their wares in the past, this powerhouse has developed a skill that no ordinary jeweler can possess. Utilizing these characteristics, complemented by a zealous spirit to catalyze change in an inherently unforgiving industry, JewelRecycle, LLC is at the forefront of the industry, providing customers with a trusted avenue where they can sell their gemstones and earn.

Passion, commitment and tenacity are definitely effective in propelling people to the heights of success. As JewelRecycle, LLC continues to capitalize on these powerful characteristics, it is set to become a household name in the jewelry scene, serving as a primary resource and becoming a source of motivation for many around the world. With Todd Melet at the helm, it’s off to a good start.

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