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Jewelery industry veterans unveil LuxeRox

(PRESS RELEASE) DENVER, CO – At the height of pandemic containment, jewelry industry veterans and good friends Nan Lung Palmer and Kelly Selcer Phoundoulakis found themselves regularly “in quarantine” on social distancing meals and play dates. dog as a way to stay in touch. They often thought about ways to combine their skills to launch businesses that met their passions, but also filled a void in their industry’s crowded marketplace. “We saw a white space in the area close to the jewels of the jewelry business,” says Nan, a seasoned purchasing and merchandising consultant, formerly of David Yurman and Macys, who has put her expertise to work for clients such as ‘Anna Sheffield, JBT and MJJ. Brilliant. “We noticed that collecting mineral specimens has entered the trend scene from an interior design perspective. However, what we found was either too expensive, or too cerebral, or too cunning ”.

Enter LuxeRox, a concept of collecting minerals, crystals and fossils for the consumer who wants to acquire beautiful high quality specimens like Cleansing Cave Calcite, Dazzling Azurite Malachite and 60 Million Aged Ammonite. years, all from a trusted source without having to invest hundreds of dollars or travel the world to find them. “We want to provide highly curated specimens to make collecting fun and informative, but not overly serious, while still providing a handpicked museum product for customers who are as mineral-obsessed as we are,” Kelly said. , co-founder of LuxeRox who also owns an avant-garde collection line of fine jewelry designed around flattened balls called Gold and Smoke.

A familiar face and veteran of the jewelry industry Manos Phoundoulakis (formerly of OMI Prive / Gems and currently Business Development Manager for Gems of Note) joins Nan and Kelly’s company
adventure with the jovial title of Head Gopher. Although he has assumed a minor role in LuxeRox business, he brings experience in sales and business development and is responsible for the design and engineering of LuxeRox exclusive displays.

“Our client may be drawn to our monthly service because they are interested in spiritual blessings, or want to beautify their home since this is where everyone spends so much time these days, or like us, they are. mineral enthusiasts who want to develop their collection in a meaningful and intentional way, ”explains Nan. “We are targeting the customer who is deeply immersed in the convenience-centric lifestyle of Daily Harvest, Uber, GrubHub, Birchbox. Since the world of minerals and fossils is so mysterious to outsiders, we are here to inspire design and decorating ideas while providing a gateway to the world of specimen collecting.

Each monthly delivery comes with one of LuxeRox’s exclusive hexagonal mineral displays – lightweight yet impact and heat resistant, made from materials derived from natural resources. “We are developing a community of ‘Rox Stars’ with our monthly mineral service and we know they share our values ​​of energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction,” says Nan.

Each LuxeRox mineral display is made and assembled in the USA and comes packaged in a velvet storage pouch while all shipments use recycled and eco-friendly packaging. LuxeRox members will receive personal concierge service through the brand’s website, where they can preview a 12-month shipping schedule in advance to create anticipation. The brand
Instagram (@luxeroxbox) will serve as the content hub for fun and elevated mineral display ideas, and other imagery aimed at enthusiasts of the eco-luxury lifestyle.


An important part of LuxeRox is an ongoing effort to obtain specimens directly from ethical mines, thus ensuring the highest quality durable specimens at an affordable cost to the consumer. And this accessible approach to luxury is also humanitarian: LuxeRox donates part of the profits to Gem Legacy, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting education, vocational training and local economies in mining communities in Africa.

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