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Jewelers Mutual Group launches Transformational Zing ™ platform for the jewelry industry


“Given the difficult times our industry has faced recently, there has never been a better time for us to bring a meaningful solution to the market. Zing The platform enables jewelers to make faster and smarter business decisions, helps them create a seamless customer experience, and provides a product selection that is historically not available to everyone. “

Highlighted Zing the platform’s products and services include:

  • The diamond market fueled by International Diamond Exchange (IDEX): With IDEX’s Guaranteed Diamond Transactions ™ service, suppliers can share their inventory (including specifications, classification and pricing information), so all jewelers have seamless access to inventory information and prices worldwide
  • A jewelry appraisal solution: relies on the expertise of World of gems so jewelers can generate a professional appraisal from any device in minutes
  • JM Shipping Solution ™ Tool: Provides fast, secure and economical shipping options designed specifically for the jewelry industry
  • JM Care Plan ™ products: Income-generating plans go beyond a typical manufacturer’s warranty to keep customers’ jewelry and watches in like-new condition
  • Personal Jewelry Insurance Claim Tool: Enables jewelers to speed up the filing and management of jewelers’ mutual insurance claims, allowing customers to replace their valuable parts faster

To develop this digital platform, teams of ergonomics experts and developers worked directly with jewelers to understand their needs, then conceptualized, designed and thoroughly tested the platform. Jewelers Mutual has worked with industry leaders such as IDEX and Gemworld, and established a Dallas technological pole.

“We are continually innovating and improving the platform. The continuous engine for the development of the Zing is Jewelers Mutual’s desire to advance the jewelry industry, ”said Adam gerety, Jewelers Mutual vice president of platform operations.

Jewelers Mutual will continue to expand the tools and capabilities of the Zing platform, allowing jewelers to access leading suppliers of jewelry and technology to help drive the growth of their businesses.

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Jewelers Mutual Group was founded in 1913 by a group of Wisconsin jewelers to meet their unique insurance needs. Today, the Group offers products and services throughout the territory Canada that enable jewelry companies to conduct safe, secure and successful operations. Consumers also trust Jewelers Mutual to protect their personal jewelry and the special moments it represents. The solid financial position of the Group’s insurers is reflected in their 33 consecutive “A + Superior” ratings awarded by AM Best Company. Insurance coverage is offered by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, SI (a stock insurer) or JM Specialty Insurance Company. The insureds of both insurers are members of Jewelers Mutual Holding Company. To learn more, visit

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