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Jewel-Craft Celebrates 75 Years of Exceptional Service to the Jewelry Industry


(PRESS RELEASE)ERLANGER, KY – What does it take to thrive for 75 years in the jewelry industry? As Jewel-Craft Inc. celebrates this milestone, they give credit to an enduring passion for jewelry, loyal customers and loyal employees.

In 1947, Earl Wesdorp founded Jewel-Craft Inc. in his small garage attic. He started with nothing more than a sprinkling of cash, a few old tools, and a whole lot of zeal to serve his customers. In 1950, Earl’s son Bob and his wife Dot jumped on board, solidifying the company’s foundations. Their sons, Gary and Benet, then took over, overseeing Jewel-Craft’s successful expansion across the United States, as well as into other countries. Today, the third generation of the Wesdorp family continues the Jewel-Craft family legacy.

Over the years, the business has grown and prospered. During this time, one thing has remained true. The folks at Jewel-Craft Inc. love jewelry. Every day, the Jewel-Craft team loves to honor, persevere and share the craft of jewelry. This shows through the many high-quality services they offer, including manufacturing, appraisals, custom design, laser engraving, commercial work and more.

They even had the privilege of receiving three RJO Supplier of the Year awards in 2009, 2019 and 2021.

As Jewel-Craft Inc. looks back on the past 75 years, they are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported them. Loyal partners and dedicated employees have helped make Jewel-Craft Inc. what it is today. Jewel-Craft Inc. is honored to have such dedicated customers who continually work with them and share their love for jewelry. They are also extremely humbled by its hardworking “booth team” of wonderful employees, who have always ensured that Jewel-Craft’s services remain unmatched in the industry.

After achieving this incredible feat, Walker Wesdorp, Chief Information Officer, reflected on the significance of this event.


“Jewel-Craft has been around for so long that we’re like an old familiar friend in the industry. We don’t expect that to happen anytime soon and it’s because of the people who work here. We have many new faces, but our key employees have always set the tone for sharing a passion for jewelry and maintaining the legacy of the family business.

Jewel-Craft Inc. is excited for the future. They know one thing will remain constant, and that is to continue the joy of jewelry for another 75 years and beyond.

To learn more about Jewel-Craft Inc., visit or email [email protected].

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