Jewelry collection

Jennifer Behr launches a collection of hair accessories and jewelry

In the summer of 2022, we’re dressing for dopamine and adventure. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect for luxury accessories designer Jennifer Behr to team up with writer and influencer Jenny Cipoletti to create a collection of romantic and wanderlust-inspired pieces, just in time. for you to hop on your jet to Provence, Portofino, Capri – truly wherever your heart desires. Think: earrings with filigree and floral elements, and pearl details to reference the seaside. And of course, in true Jennifer Behr form, the entire collection was built on the idea that the right pair of earrings or the bow barrette can transform an outfit and be worn endlessly.

Case in point: Behr’s signature bows are truly the OG of style, worn by countless celebrities and on multiple occasions by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge. And of course, this collab is no exception, with Behr striving to create a fresh take on his signature bow.

On how she keeps the bow fresh, Behr tells T&C, “There are never rules with a capital R, but there are definitely guidelines. We love the OG JB bow so much. They’re a essential and every season I think of new ways to dress them. It’s possible to have a bow wardrobe like you would have a shoe wardrobe. There’s always something new.” The key, she reveals, is to look at the materials when pairing accessories. “I think they have something in common so that they can start a conversation, with a visual language (flowers, watermark, etc.). For example with the Bardot knot, you can look at the detail of the pearl and the pair with the Provence earring which has a complementary pearl accent.”

Below, find the collaboration of Jennifer Behr and Jenny Cipoletti, which is available now.

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