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Jacquie Aiche has meaning with jewelry. It’s like everything is meant to radiate some kind of energy, the designer’s offerings vibrate in the most wonderful way – the accessory equivalent of slipping on soft, form-fitting silk. You want to put her pieces on and never, ever take them off, and not just because they look good – they make you to feel Well. They are stimulating and cool as they all come out.

And women aren’t the only ones who wear jewelry to feel good and look good, it’s everyone. We see it more with the way top men are turning to interesting jewelry choices, in a still untapped market that will soon be full of options. Little, if any, will be cooler than Aiche’s.

JCK asked the Los Angeles designer a few questions about her new menswear collection and what to expect this coming holiday season.

Your new collection for men is so exciting! What prompted you to offer it?

Men have always asked me to create pieces for them, but before last year I was so busy with women that I just never had the time. Our first men’s collection came together so organically, and this one was just as special. The pieces are wild and masculine, but they still contain refined elements that feel incredibly strong and grounded.

Jacquie Aiche renaissance necklace
Rebirth yellow gold charm tag, $ 1,750; 28 inch thick curb chain, $ 3,750
Jacquie Aiche baguette diamond ring
Baguette flat bar ring in 14k yellow gold with diamonds, $ 1,750
Jacquie Aiche opal scarab bracelet
Scarab bracelet in 14k yellow gold with opal and diamonds, $ 7,750

Young Hollywood has some very stylish men (Harry Styles, Timotheé Chalamet, A $ AP Rocky) who seem to reignite demand for men’s jewelry in a way we’ve never seen before. What stood out to you, if any? Do you see any of these styles going mainstream?

I love to see these men in their diapers. It adds another dimension of confidence to their style which is subtle and so appealing – such energy doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s not so much about the pieces they wear, but how they feel about themselves. It gives off that personal, playful vibe that’s magnetic, and I think it inspires men to explore different styles and minerals until they find what gives them the most power.

Jacquie Aiche scarab bead man bracelet
Beetle bead bracelet in 14k white gold, $ 440
Jacquie Aiche quartz crystal necklace
14k Yellow Gold Hexagon Necklace with Clear Quartz Crystal and Diamonds, $ 9,250
Jacquie Aiche snakeskin ring
14k Yellow Gold Snakeskin Ring, $ 4,875

Do you think the pandemic has impacted the demand for men’s jewelry? How have you seen your customers’ purchasing habits evolve?

Over the past few months, we’ve all been looking for new practices and forms of creative expression that make us feel good. And as women have always known, jewelry has the power to amplify energy. There is nothing better than finding a part that looks like you before you even buy it. Whether it’s a single gold chain or a stack of gemstone bead bracelets, I’ve found that more and more men are opening up to trying on new layers. And once your collection begins, there is no end.

Jacquie Aiche turquoise bracelet
Black pearl bracelet in 14k yellow gold with turquoise, $ 225
Jacquie Aiche men's necklace
Brown Speckled Oval Charm in Yellow Gold with Chrysocolla, $ 325; 20 inch thick curb chain, $ 1,050

Who do you think will be the biggest sellers this holiday season?

Crystals, in all their forms. Anyone might need a little extra healing right now, and Crystals are Mother Nature’s first aid kit. They can provide you with whatever your soul craves, be it clarity, serenity, love or poise the list goes on. It is the ultimate gift for your lover, tribe or yourself.

Men's labradorite bracelet Jacquie Aiche
Smooth 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet with Labradorite, $ 1,000

How do you plan to spend your vacation?

Surrounded by my family, there is no place like home.

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