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Istanbul Jewelry Fair Brings Jewelry Industry Together For The 51st Time


(PRESS RELEASE) One of the most important events for the jewelry industry on the global calendar, Istanbul Jewelry Show brings together outstanding companies and brands with industry experts on a safe platform while providing opportunities for new cooperation and a unique means of exchanging information.

The main sponsored by IGI, the global authority for grading diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, the exhibition will feature more than 1,250 local and international jewelry companies and brands representing a wide range of product groups and industries. , including gold, jewellery, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver accessories and silver household articles, mounting, refining, watches, moulds, shop window decorations, machinery and industry-side equipment, safes, software and logistics and lighting product groups. Exhibitors will showcase their specialty products and collections to more than 30,000 industry professionals around the world.

Responding to the needs of the industry since 1986, Istanbul Jewelry Show is organized by Informa Markets, the largest and most important trade show organizer in the world. Informa Markets has long-standing experience and expertise in the industry with 17 jewelry shows held in 8 countries. Encouraged also by the power of its portfolio, Istanbul Jewelry Show presents itself as an exhibition closely followed by all experts in the industry.

Buyers come for Istanbul Jewelry Show!

The exhibition presents an “International Buyers Delegation Program” coordinated with the support of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey and organized by the Secretary General of IMMIB-Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association, the Turkish Exporters Association and Informa Markets with the aim of supporting exports, finding new markets and preserving market share.

Under the program, more than 1,500 industry buyers from North America, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, North Africa and the Far East will be welcomed to the exhibition. Business meetings to be held during the exhibition are expected to generate about 80% of Turkey’s jewelry exports in the next term.


Designer Market is once again where the heart of jewelry design beats!

Designers joining Designer Market, organized as part of the Istanbul Jewelry Fair, will present their latest creations and their iconic jewelry products. Growing every year and followed closely by professionals, Designer Market is a special platform where trending designs from the global jewelry market are presented for the first time, designers have a chance to meet producers to exchange ideas. and where jewelry design ideas for the coming year. Are developed.

Şermin Cengiz, Founding Partner of UBM Rotaforte: “Istanbul Jewelry Show – October 2021 results indicate that 2022 shows will be much more successful”

Istanbul Jewelry Show – The success of October 2021 had a huge impact on the jewelry industry worldwide. Compared to the October 2019 exhibition, the number of visitors increased by 14% at the Istanbul Jewelry Fair-October 2021. Again, compared to the October 2019 exhibition, the event October 2021 saw a 45% increase in visitors from Europe, a 43% increase in visitors from Russia and the CIS countries, a 37% increase in North America which also includes the United States and a 10% increase in visitors from Middle Eastern countries. Orders placed and new business agreements reached at the exhibition have made positive contributions to the global jewelry trade and especially to Turkish jewelry exports.

The combination of all the positive impacts has created momentum to enlarge the number of halls of the show and resulted in the opening of a brand new hall for Istanbul Jewelry Show – March 2022. In this new hall we will be able to accommodate more exhibitors and possibility of increasing the current exhibitor spaces.

Due to the increase in the number of exhibitors and the range of exhibitions, we will be a stronger point to be a “one-stop sourcing place” for visitors. As one of the top 5 jewelry shows in the world, we are gearing up to raise the bar with industry support.


The exhibition is only open to professionals in the sector; it is not open to the public.

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