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IJDI announces the launch of DBW Jewelry – Design, Build, Wear


(PRESS RELEASE) PLANTATION, FL – International Jewelry Design, Inc. (IJDI) has launched DBW Jewelry -Design. To build. Wear – a trendy and customizable collection refined line of charm bracelets and bracelet accessories, available now for both their B2B retail customers and the general public with a full interactive e-commerce site direct to consumer.

DBW Jewelry offers an ever-growing line of unique bracelets, bangles, charms and interchangeable beads designed with self-expression at the forefront.

“Women are empowered. They design their own dreams, they build their own life and their own success, they break free from societal norms and possess their individuality in all its inspiring forms, ”said Larry Goldberg, the visionary behind the launch of DBW Jewelry. “The complexity of anyone’s personality is impossible to represent in a single piece of jewelry, but a charm bracelet can encompass all of the many aspects of today’s modern woman. This is why DBW was created. For women who want and deserve the world.

Wear your world on your wrist with DBW jewelry

As is its specialty, IJDI has created a dazzling point of sale display for DBW Jewelry with a video of the digital bracelet maker that guides customers through the personalization process. Retailers are also thrilled with the interchangeable magnetic displays so carefully created by jewelry display gurus.

Online, the bracelet maker is fully interactive and visitors can design their perfect piece with their choice of everything from bracelet bar and chains, the desired weighted inspirational hang tag and the ability to place beads, spacers and charms on their bracelet digitally to see what it will all look like together before you buy.


DBW Jewelry kicked off the initial collection with pieces whose theme and style encompass the interests and milestones of women from all walks of life. The brand is already working on expanding the range before summer 2019.

“The best part about DBW Jewelry is that as their interests evolve and grow, women can add to their bracelets as we add to our line. We plan to continue to expand our offerings on a constant basis, bringing pieces that we know women will absolutely love. Mr. Goldberg said. “DBW Jewelry offers cutting edge bracelets at an affordable price that makes them accessible to everyone. We want all women to have the opportunity to design, make and wear one of our charm bracelets – her world, on her wrist.

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