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How to start selling handmade jewelry online in 2021?


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According to Statista, more than 29 million people buy jewelry from online platforms. This means that an online jewelry business can be very profitable. Nowadays, people prefer handcrafted jewelry to mass-produced trinkets. If you want to start an online business wholesale handcrafted jewelry business, you need to know how to sell your products.

Here we will discuss the effective ways that will help you sell your products online. Let’s see how you can start selling handmade jewelry online in 2021 below:

1. Conduct market research

Handcrafted jewelry customers are constantly on the lookout for unique and new designs. You need to be able to have the jewelry designs that your customers want to buy. For this you need to know the market trends before your competition.

But how can you do this?

One of the most useful ways to find out about the latest trends is to follow jewelry blogs regularly. Some of the most popular jewelry blogs are:

  • Gemologist
  • Gossip about gems
  • Diamonds in the library

Besides jewelry blogs, you can also use Market Research Lab to learn more about the latest fashion trends in handcrafted jewelry.

2. Configure your online store

You can start selling your handcrafted jewelry with or without your website. However, having a professional website will authenticate your brand and gain the trust of customers. Check out the following tips for building an engaging online store:

  • Pick a name that is relevant to your brand and website.
  • Use an eye-catching logo and color scheme for your web pages.
  • Divide your handcrafted jewelry into categories.
  • Post photos of your jewelry with high graphics.
  • Set reasonable prices for your products (prices should not be too high or too low).

3. List your products on online sales platforms

Besides setting up your store, you can also list your jewelry on other online sales platforms. These sales markets will increase your customers and sales and promote your brand. You need to make sure you select the websites with the most traffic and audience. Some of the best online shopping platforms are as follows:

  • Handmade amazon
  • Aftcra
  • Grand Cartel
  • Etsy
  • ArtFire
  • BoutiqueHandMade
  • Folk
  • RubyLane
  • eBay
  • Windfall
  • Overstock
  • Sears

4. Start marketing and promotion

Choosing the right marketing strategies is crucial for your handmade jewelry business. You should check your competition for the most effective marketing strategies. Plus, by using social media networks to your advantage, you can instantly start selling your jewelry.

The Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Pinterest are great platforms for showcasing your products and increasing your sales. Social media networks will also give you the opportunity to connect directly with your customers and learn about their preferences and tastes.

Bonus tips:

1)Give your customers a reason to choose your products

The online jewelry industry is quite competitive. To start selling your items, you need to make sure that your customers choose your brand over others. You need to offer offers and discounts that your customers can’t pass on. For example:

Selling fair trade products is a great way to attract customers. Let your customers know that your products are produced under safe and humane working conditions. Your customers will jump in to buy your jewelry knowing that they are buying from a trusted source.

2)Provide detailed product information

You should give detailed information about your products wherever you list them. Tell your customers what materials you used to make your handcrafted jewelry, the quality of your product, and if the item has any defects.

If your product description isn’t clear, most customers won’t bother to ask questions. Having detailed product information will make your customers feel more comfortable and confident when purchasing your jewelry.

3)Use social media consistently

The irregularity or inconsistency in the use of social media networks is one of the reasons why most online businesses fail. Regularly sharing social media posts is the way to keep your business in the know. Post daily photos of your products, blog posts, or even a simple status to let your customers know you’re active.

Final result

An artisanal online wholesaler jewelry company is indeed lucrative. However, you can only benefit from digital platforms if you know how to sell your products. We hope the guidelines mentioned above will help you sell handmade jewelry online in 2021.

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