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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Diamond Gifts Inspired by Best-Selling Jewelry Design Books


So, you’ve decided to make the holidays shine for someone special. I’m not talking about lighting the Christmas tree. I mean you really go there and give them a piece of natural diamond jewelry. Or maybe you just decided to go into diamond jewelry because you’ve been so good all year. However, you are not sure which diamond jewel to choose among all the beauties on the market.

First, it’s important to focus on the qualities you want this piece of jewelry to have. One tip we’ve come up with for the season is to let yourself be guided by the best-selling jewelry design books. Do Ice Cold: A History of Hip Hop Jewelry capture the swagger you want in the gift? Or would you like something with a more romantic historic vibe like The Queen’s Diamonds? Maybe you are looking for a design with symbolism like the animals in beautiful creatures or an item with a fashionable twist like the pattern-laden treasure in Chanel High Jewelry.

Learn more about jewelry design books and gifts that match their fashions below.

dazzling drop

2022 Holiday Gift Guide Iced Out Natural Diamond Jewelry Books
Ice Cold: A History of Hip Hop Jewelry (Taschen) by Vikki Tobak, $100

In the flagship 388-page publication Ice Cold: A History of Hip Hop Jewelry Author Vikki Tobak reviews all the different types of bold chains, chunky rings, and pendants that artists in the music genre have flaunted over the decades. It also covers the humor and symbolism often found in the designs as well as iconic silhouettes like grids.

In the same way that hip hop artists have gone mainstream, the spirit of the jewelry genre can be found on the red carpet and in a variety of diamond jewelry collections.

Black Panther Star Letitia Wright showed off her Bespoke Bijules Grillz from designer Jules Kim and grill maker Charlie Goldcap at the film’s New York premiere. The process of ordering custom charts, which is clearly a luxury gift idea, begins with a DM to the designer on Instagram, a review of her styles and couture fittings.

While the history of hip hop jewelry is defined by custom pieces such as grids as well as gargantuan diamond jewelry, today you can find many smaller options that, to use the parlance of the genre, allow you to “take your power” with jewelry. Design details that capture the look are golden links, words, letters and numbers as well as patterns like stars.

Discover natural diamond jewelry gift ideas inspired by Ice Cold: a historian of hip-hop jewelrythere

crown jewels

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Natural Diamond Jewelry
The Queen’s Diamonds (Royal Collection Trust) by Hugh Roberts, $120.75

The Queen’s Diamonds is the equivalent of an authorized biography of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s vast collection of diamond jewelery and the hoard of coins she inherited from British monarchs who preceded her. Written by Hugh Roberts, the former director of the Royal Collection, the 2018 book became a best-seller in the jewelery design category by the time of the Queen’s funeral in September.

All the older women in the royal family wore beautiful jewelery at the Queen’s memorial events, including William and Kate’s seven-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte. The adorable and precocious child sported a small vintage diamond horseshoe on her black coat which was a sweet tribute to the love of horses she shared with her grandmother. He also mentioned the 19e Queen Victoria’s last century sentimental diamond jewelry.

The Queen’s Diamonds features some of Victoria’s jewelry and the spirit of the looks she popularized can be found in several major jewelry collections today. A beautiful jewelry box is another way to capture the essence of antique style.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Natural Diamond Jewelry
Selim Mouzannar necklace with several charms.

Discover natural diamond jewelry gift ideas inspired by The Queen’s Diamonds

beautiful creatures

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Animal Natural Diamond Jewelry
Beautiful creatures: jewelry inspired by the animal kingdom$34

Beautiful creatures: jewelry inspired by the animal kingdom covers set jewelry made within the past 150 years. Written by yours truly as a catalog for the exhibit I curated at the American Museum of Natural History, the book has remained popular since its debut in 2020.

Animals bring a lot to the jewelry genre. There is the charm of the design and the inherent symbolism like the metamorphosis of a butterfly or the wisdom of an owl. Animals are also linked to the zodiac. No matter what motivates you to choose a certain creature, they are guaranteed to inspire awws of all who see it.

Discover natural diamond jewelry gift ideas inspired by Beautiful creatures: jewelry inspired by the animal kingdom

fashion conscious

Chanel: High Jewelry (Thames and Hudson), $200

Chanel: High Jewelry, the book celebrating 90 years since Coco Chanel launched her legendary diamond jewelry collection in 1932 arrives late. It won’t be released until March 7, 2023 but, as all fashionistas know, “being on the list” is key to getting something first. Pre-order the post now for a holiday gift someone will receive next year. It promises to show all jewelry with designer iconography.

Shopping in the fashion-conscious fashion of the book is easy, even without seeing it. You can choose iconic designs made by fashion houses like Chanel or Louis Vuitton. Or choose designers who have always been fashion favorites, like Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti, whose jewelry graced the Halston catwalks in the 1970s. More recently, Jennifer Lopez showed how the Americana of jewelry from Jacquie Aiche was a perfect match for Ralph Lauren.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Natural Diamond Jewelry
Model wearing Louis Vuitton Empreinte earrings and earrings.

Discover natural diamond jewelry gift ideas inspired by Chanel High Jewelry

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