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Harry Potter Fans Receive A Phygital NFT Magical Jewelry Collection


Calling all web wizards! The Spot Room, Freeman Jewelry and global phenomenon, Harry Potter, are launching a phygital NFT collection on December 1st. The limited-edition collection will consist of four creations carefully handcrafted by the jewelers of Freeman Jewelry. In addition, each jewel will come with an NFT. Here’s what you need to know about the Harry Potter Phygital Collection.

The Spot Room in collaboration with Harry Potter and Freeman Jewelry are launching a limited edition physical NFT collection.

NFT phygital Harry Potter collection details

The Magic Collection bridges the gap between physical and digital luxury goods with four high-quality designs crafted in Freeman Jewelry’s Seattle studio. Also, model names include Golden Snitch Locket Necklace (5), Time Turner Diamond Necklace (10), Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Necklace (30), and Mirror of Rised Necklace (30). In detail, 18k yellow gold items range from $1800 to $8600 depending on the offer. It’s worth mentioning that each design incorporates hand engravings related to the Harry Potter franchise. Additionally, each item has an NFC tag that is tied to the specific NFT, verifying it through the blockchain.

“Coming from the luxury jewelry industry, I want to give the industry the tools of blockchain that will solve critical issues including business transparency, product authenticity, proof of ownership and access to the secondary market,” said Vivien Zhang, CEO of The Spot Room.

Harry Potter Freeman Jewelry
The Hogwarts acceptance letter necklace from the collection. There are only 30 in the entire collection. Credit: Freeman Jewelry

About the Spot Room

The Spot Room is leading the phygital movement by allowing physical goods to be traded on the blockchain. They create the foundation for decentralized commerce, allowing users to securely trade NFTs related to luxury goods. Additionally, Vivien Zhang, the founder and CEO, is a retail executive who has worked with Tiffany and Co and Harry Winston. As a luxury space expert and tech lover, she created The Spot Room.

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