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The HanaGold Token (HNG) represents the value of the HanaGold ecosystem.

NFTs can represent the value of an item or collection of jewelry.

Start your own jewelry business with the guide and support of HanaGold

HanaGold creates an ecosystem with a variety of attractive products and services, in particular the 4.0 jewelry store and the HanaGold token.

Vietnam is the largest gold market in Southeast Asia and among the top 10 markets in the world.

– World Gold Council (WGC)

NORCROSS, GEORGIA, USA, October 3, 2021 / – As noted in a recent study, Vietnam is the largest gold market in Southeast Asia and among the top 10 markets in the world. However, this sector continues to develop within the traditional business model. In this situation, in 2021, Hana Jewelry LLC was established with the desire to start an innovative business in the field of jewelry. Recognizing the impressive impacts of the technological revolution, HanaOr seized the opportunity to create an ecosystem with a variety of attractive products and services, in particular the 4.0 jewelry store and the HanaGold token.

Fractional gold trading platform
Many Vietnamese like to buy gold for personal use, savings, and as an investment product. As a result, HanaGold offers solutions to help anyone wishing to own gold by dividing the value of gold into micro units. The 4.0 Jewelry Store platform connects jewelers and gold buyers, allowing customers to select models, buy and accumulate gold online based on product value and collect the product in nationwide affiliated jewelry systems. In the near future, HanaGold will roll out its own mobile app, which offers optimal functionality to users such as purchase, convert, accumulate, etc. Through this initiative, customer concerns about financial resources or gold preservation are resolved.

Start a jewelry business with little capital
As the consumption of gold increases, many want to open a gold store, but they don’t know where to start. HanaGold offers opportunities for those who wish to own a jewelry store with a start-up capital of around 500 million VND. As a result, HanaGold will transfer the operating process of the business as a franchise. HanaGold assists store owners from set-up to marketing and provides strategic plans for store development. With the enthusiastic support of the HanaGold team, investors with no previous experience in this area can be confident to participate and grow their business.

NFT jewelry collections
HanaGold took a remarkable step forward when issuing the HanaGold token (HNG) which represents the values ​​of the project on the digital assets platform. By owning HNG, investors enjoy several benefits of HanaGold’s product and service policies, including priority in customer service, incentives for VIP members, reduced jewelry handling fees, and preferential rates for the opening of franchised showrooms, etc. The launch of the HNG token is also an exceptional achievement in the Vietnamese jewelry market as it attracts digital asset investors, rather than the traditional ones, to participate in this sector. Above all, HanaGold will launch NFT jewelry collections to follow the booming NFT trend in the market. These NFTs will be protected worldwide by a smart contract address and a unique private key. By applying blockchain technology, NFTs capture not only the design but also the value of jewelry for a long time. Additionally, these NFTs can be auctioned off and displayed in the HanaGold Gallery.

HanaGold is constantly striving to fulfill its mission of becoming a bridge for domestic and foreign investors to have the opportunity to invest in the jewelry industry. With enthusiasm and creativity along with a highly skilled and experienced team, HanaGold is committed to perfecting its ecosystem as envisioned in the roadmap with the orientation of becoming a national gold brand in 2025.

About HanaGold
Hana Jewelry LLC is a Georgia-based company established in 2020. It is an innovative start-up in the field of gold, silver and gemstones. The company is applying 4.0 technology to business with a pioneering project called HanaGold. Being a potential in the age of 4.0 technology as well as the need to use and invest in gold, HanaGold quickly presented the opportunity to develop the gold industry in Vietnam according to a model improved by compared to the traditional model, creating a breakthrough for the gold trade in Vietnam.

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