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Halston embarks on category expansion with new collaboration.

The heritage fashion brand has partnered with Aurate to create a collection of exquisite jewelry that merges the two brands’ ethos for the holidays. The 12-piece collection includes earrings, necklaces and rings co-designed by the two brands that are designed to reflect the well-known glitz and glamor of Halston from Studio 54 Days.

“It’s about going out, showing off the glitzy version of yourself and that party mode, which is very Halston and something we’ve also always had,” said Aurate co-founder Sophie Kahn. “Then there’s the other part of everyday fine jewelry which is a big part of Aurate. You sleep in it and you go to the gym in it. Halston always had bold dresses, but they were always comfortable, so we wanted to do the same.

The brands co-designed the collection, taking an in-depth look at Halston’s archives and rethinking the designer’s many muses, such as Tiffany & Co. jewelry designer Elsa Peretti – who was one of the most influential designers. in the category of jewelry – actress Liza Minelli and models Bianca Jagger and Pat Cleveland.

Models from the Aurate x Halston high jewelry collection.

Kahn and her co-founder Bouchra Ezzahraoui took inspiration from Peretti’s famous jewelry styles – most notably the designer’s bone cuff – as well as the general aesthetic of Studio 54 that Halston’s muses conjured up in its heyday.

“When we look at our values ​​and the values ​​that Halston is trying to bring to life, he surrounded himself with empowered women and co-designed with them,” Ezzahraoui explained. “It’s something Aurate is doing in a more modern, data-driven way. He was a disruptor at the time on the track and that’s something Aurate is trying to do in the fine jewelry space as well.

The collection includes models in white and yellow gold crafted from 100% recycled 14k Aurate vermeil, which is gold-plated sterling silver. Most of the pieces in the collection are created in a fused look that is at the same time dressy, but suitable for everyday wear.

“We believe that collaborations between brands give rise to a whole new goal to consider in the creative process and we are honored to present this fine jewelry partnership with Aurate,” said Robert D’Loren, President and CEO of Xcel Brands, which owns the Halston brand, in a statement. “We’ve worked hand in hand to create bold pieces that pay homage to Halston’s rich history while simultaneously celebrating today’s modern woman. Bringing these two brands together and our shared philosophy has been extremely exciting for all of us at Halston. “

Kahn and Ezzahraoui said they were partly inspired to create the collection based on the recent Netflix series “Halston”, which put the creator and his life back in the limelight.

“What’s great is [the show] put his vision in context, as well as in a more general way that allows clients to understand why Halston became Halston and what he did, ”explained Ezzahraoui. “As an outside consumer, you just see this beautiful brand and you don’t understand what’s in it. For us as a brand, the fact that [the show] putting his muses in context, this inspired the collection.

Since its acquisition by Xcel Brands Inc. in 2014, Halston has strived to bring the brand back to its haute couture roots. The brand picked Robert Rodriguez last year as its new Creative Director, who this year assembled a capsule collection based on costumes featured in the Netflix series that was sold at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue for a limited time.

Pricing for the Aurate x Halston Collection ranges from $ 160 to $ 1,500 and will be available on the Aurate and Halston websites, as well as in Aurate’s new store located on Madison Avenue.

Halston partners with Aurate for fine jewelry collection

Models from the Aurate x Halston high jewelry collection.


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