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Godson Umeh takes luxury jewelry design to new heights with ‘Smactus’ for Meek Mill


The more we talk about how various industries around the world have grown and excelled over the years, the more we feel the need to talk about them. Also, it should be noted how the world and the many industries and sectors within it experienced the lowest of lows and even the highest of highs due to a global crisis, which led to store closures of various brands and companies. Still, there were a few who did well, and some even achieved peak levels of success even in these trying times. It is therefore quite natural that we wonder about the reasons or the factors that could have placed certain professionals and their brands on a growth platform. Among the many reasons, the sheer genius and genuine quest of a few entrepreneurs, experts, professionals, and artists has made all the difference in their respective industries, which has brought them to the forefront of their niches and turned them into success. stories that the world can learn from. Godson Umeh was one such success story that more and more people showed interest in learning more about. Ask yourself why? Read on to find out more.

Godson Umeh is one of the best in the custom jewelry markets, trusted for unique and fascinating custom designs and styles. But, this young man, at 26, has already worked with the who’s who of the sports and entertainment world, which has helped him become a more respected personality in his niche. For example, his recent collaboration with none other than internationally known American rapper Meek Mill made him headlines. It was Godson Umeh’s amazing pendant and chain design for this rapper in the form of “Smactus” that knocked him down and made him realize the genius that is Godson Umeh. With Smactus, which has the shape of a cactus, but is a luxury personalized jewel designed by him, he has taken several steps forward in the industry. If you read the comments on Godson Umeh (@godsonumeh) Instagram page for Smactus and so many of his custom creations, you’ll know why people say #GodsonDoesItBetter. The kind of elegance and style that he brings to his jewelry and the kind of elevated experience that he provides to all of his customers through these custom pieces has allowed him to dominate the custom jewelry market.

Godson Umeh

Smactus has truly become a masterpiece directed by Godson Umeh, who has made a strong impression on Meek Mill (@meekmill), and the many other prominent names he has worked with and is expected to work with in the future . Smactus is a unique luxury piece made with the right amount of princess cut Zambian emeralds and the way the piece sparkles is proof of that. Giving Godson Umeh this incredible opportunity, Meek Mill showed his support for this young bespoke jeweler and believed in his confidence, who has revolutionized the industry in more ways than one and created great growth for the jewelry markets. luxury.

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