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Godson Umeh reaches new heights with his luxury jewelry design ‘Smactus’ for Meek Mill


Meek Mill’s confidence in Godson Umeh and his creations proves that he is here to stay and become the most sought after jeweler and designer.

Having the pure vision to create something that could add more value to people’s lives and working tirelessly to turn that desire into a beautiful reality are two different things. “Always working with the pure intention of offering the best services and astonishing customers with the best products,” says Godson Umeh, who has done just that and gone way beyond with his expertise as a jeweler and designer personalized. The born in 1995 talks about his craziness and love for jewelry making and designing. Instead of working only with the aim of attracting more success for his career, this young man was driven to design the best personalized jewelry for each of his clients and to work to contribute strongly to the industry in the form of his unique and stylish creations, raising the standards for other aspiring designers around the world.

“Although I have had the opportunity to work with many eminent personalities in the world, I have always worked with the idea of ​​giving the best of myself, no matter what, which has helped me keep your feet on the ground, I think,” says the custom jeweler ace, who recently had the opportunity to work with Meek Mill, a name that stands out on the American music scene as a rapper and hip-hop artist. . The ace music artist is known for his distinct style and work in music, which is why he wanted a piece of jewelry that could help define just that for him. This led Meek Mill to contact Godson Umeh, and what the latter created in the form of “Smactus” stunned him, which can also be proven by the immense tweets, comments and likes that the jewel has constantly received from people all over the world. the world on social media. Smactus is a beautiful custom piece made by the ace designer consisting of a cactus design with a unique look given to it. It is made with princess cut Zambian emeralds which added more sparkle to the product and the proper use of diamonds gave it a rich look. Godson Umeh has always stayed beyond conventional designs, and his modernism in jewelry designs and styles has helped him earn a mammoth of celebrity clients like Meek Mill.

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“I’m understandably quite touched by the recent experience I’ve had around custom jewelry for Meek Mill (@meekmill). Additionally, with each of my experiences working closely with the requirements of each of my clients, I learn something new, which helps me improve my design skills in the project I’m taking on. I’ve worked this way my entire career, and the kind of love people have for me. testified for the same has been surreal for which I will remain eternally grateful,” says the young jeweler and bespoke designer.

Godson Umeh (@godsonumeh)’s attention to detail and his designs that effortlessly have the power to define the client’s personality and style, just like the way he worked around Smactus, led this young talent to greater levels of success, which is why people also tag him in almost all of his posts with #GodsonDoesItBetter.

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