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Gigi Hadid’s Jewelry Collection: Buy her Frasier Sterling Choker for $ 28


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When it comes to growing my jewelry collection, Instagram is my go-to place for shopping inspiration. While I could scroll through a seemingly endless stream of photos from all kinds of popular brands, I find it easier to make a B-line for the profiles of celebrities and models whose style I like the most, so I can hang the pieces with their seal of approval. The person at the top of this list? Gigi Hadid. Her jewelry collection is incomparableand it often includes parts that I can actually afford.

In general, Gigi’s wardrobe is quite upscale. Although she’s traded most of her catwalk gigs for mom’s life right now, her Instagram feed is still one of my favorites for everyday fashion inspiration. Case in point: The model just posted a massive photo library featuring her August highlights, including a post-workout selfie wearing a $ 28 choker. Frasier Sterling. Other photos in the carousel showed even more relaxed late-summer activities, like playing with her daughter, Khai, and swimming.

You’ll have to click a few snaps to access it, but trust me, it’s worth the scroll! Hadid layered the colorful bead necklace with a few other delicate gold chains for contrast. Surprisingly, the Hypnotized choker that she wears is still available on the Frasier Sterling website. And for less than $ 30!

This choice of pearls is certainly not out of the ordinary for Hadid, who often opts for statement jewelry even on her more casual days. Sure, she loves a classic gold hoop as much as Hollywood’s next A-lister, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her affinity for chunky rings and beaded pieces like this particular choker.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because Hailey Bieber actually wore a similar option from the same brand just a few weeks ago. While Hailey’s pick has been personalized with beads and a delicate little H charm, Hadid’s choker is covered in tiny beaded daisies.

Other A-Listers like Halsey and Selena Gomez have also been spotted in Frasier Sterling plays over the past few months, like you need another excuse to check out the brand’s website. If you want to grab some celebrity-endorsed pieces, read on to buy Hadid’s exact necklace and a few other options from Frasier Sterling’s very affordable range.

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Stylist |  Gigi Hadid jewelry.

Courtesy of Frasier Sterling.

Hypnotized choker

Buy Gigi Hadid’s real choker for just $ 28. The small daisy beads are so soft.

Stylist |  Hailey Bieber jewelry

Courtesy of Frasier Sterling.

Personalized Lucky You neck warmer

If you want to wear celebrity-approved pieces exclusively this summer, try this Lucky You custom choker — Hailey Bieber is a fan!

Stylist |  Gigi Hadid jewelry.

Courtesy of Frasier Sterling.

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