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Gardenia Rodriguez is inspired by her jewelry design project to launch a music career


Interview with Gardenia Rodriguez: inspired by the success of her boutique Gardenia Design, she successfully launches into music

What was your main motivation to devote yourself to music?

My main motivation to dedicate myself to music stems from my motivation to expand my Gardenia Design project to a platform with greater reach. I concluded that thanks to this, my Gardenia Design project could reach a wider audience via other platforms.

According to you, what were the main challenges you had to face in your musical career?

The main challenges I faced in my musical career become results and not failures, my family is my work team, Stephhhany is my right arm and with them I am sure that we will leave traces in the music industry entertainment. An example of this is our latest release, Collar featuring Dayran, Stephhhany and Acidic Geo were the songwriters on this project to close out the year with a promotion.

What do you want to bring to the world through a musical projects?

Through my musical projects, I want to convey that you are capable of achieving any goal that stands in your way, regardless of its complexity dimension. Only with dedication, perseverance and creativity.

What are the greatest satisfactions that music has given you?

The greatest satisfaction that music gave me was to reach a wider audience. The genre I work in is electronic music. Thanks to her, stereotypes of color or race are broken. In this way, the message we carry is deeper.

What is the genre in which you evolve and why do you choose it?

Urban Reggaeton/Latin

Mention the name of each theme, author, lyrics, producer and genre, as well as the number of reproductions, if they already exist.

Video Info: The clip was shot in the city of Miami under the direction of Hazeem Velazquez, “we wanted to recreate a battle between Dayran and Gardenia where the goal would be to see if Dayran makes the best garment, in this case Gardenia has was the winner!”

Up next will be a single performed by the Micha led by Hazeem Velazquez in the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica for Shago Tours’ new advertising campaign.

What is the name of the single we are going to promote?

“Necklace” (Necklace)

What genus does it belong to?


Who did the production and composition?

Stephhhany & Acidic Geo, Gardenia Design, FrankieProducer

The music video for her song was shot in the city of Miami under the direction of Hazeem Velazquez.

Here you have the links to listen to the song and see the video, enjoy!


Gardenia Rodriguez is a successful entrepreneur and owner of Gardenia Jewelry. The first jewelry store offers handmade designer jewelry and costume jewelry with a unique style and is made from the best materials such as 14k gold, Swarovski stones and 925 silver with a perfect and shiny finish. in each of them. Gardenia, inspired by her success in the jewelry business, turned to her other passion, music. She has already successfully launched her music and videos.

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